Racing Rockets home learning

I am very proud of your hard work at home. I have created this page to share some fantastic work that has been emailed to me. 

If you would like to share your work please email it to me,

Mrs Martin

Elijah's home learning - Well done Elijah, it is very pleasing to hear you have achieved some great work at home, keep it up!

Reuben's D&T rocket - Fantastic work Reuben! It is good to see you worked together to create your rocket. 

Jack and Millicent's home learning - Well done for completing all your study ladder tasks! What a brilliant idea to make your own soap, I can see you have both been working hard at home, keep up the good work!

Darcy's at home learning - Well done Darcy, you have kept up the hard work! I can see you found lots of objects to sort into the categories. 

I really like the adjectives you used in your story, (dusty, grey colour), good work Darcy!

I can see you have thought carefully about what a moon buggy needs, well done. 

Noah's at home learning - I can see you are working really hard at home, well done!

Jacob J's number bonds work - I am so pleased to hear you have been teaching others the number bond song, keep up the hard work!

Well done Jacob for your fantastic story map and study ladder work.

Jacob S's at home learning - I am very pleased to see how busy you have been working at home. I am excited to see how tall your sunflower grows.

Reuben's at home learning - Well done Reuben, that is a fantastic telescope! Did you see anything through your telescope? 

Alexander's at home learning - I am very pleased to see got 10/10 on your spellings! Keep up the hard work!

Jacob's telescope - I can see you have been busy making your telescope, did you spot any stars?

Henry's at home learning - WOW! You really have found some amazing space facts!

Darcy's planet facts - you have found some very interesting facts, well done. Keep up your fantastic work at home Darcy!

Take a look at Darcy's fantastic telescope!

Elijah's brilliant at home learning - you really have worked hard over the past few days, it is good to see you are keeping active with Joe Wicks.