Keeping Safe Online

At Albrighton Primary School and Nursery we take e-safety very seriously.  As a school we work hard to provide safe and secure access to the internet within school.  We pride ourselves on our vigilance in taking every possible and practical step to minimise the risk within school of inappropriate internet use.

However, with new technologies emerging all of the time we recognise that it will not always be possible to eliminate the risk of inappropriate internet use completely through filtering and restriction.  With this in mind we place great importance on educating our pupils on taking their own e-safety very seriously.  We expect the children to actively learn responsible use of the internet through our ongoing work on being safe and ensure that the children have the opportunity to gain an age appropriate understanding of the potential risks as well as the advantages of using modern technology as they progress through the school.


E-Safety at Home

Parents can help support their child at home by being aware of potential risks, and regularly talking to your child about how they use the internet and mobile technologies at home.  We ask parents to be mindful that social media sites such as Facebook and Snapchat are not designed to be used by children under 13 years of age.  If you require more information on safe use of the internet, you may find these links helpful, or by all means talk to your child’s teacher or one of the school's Designated Safeguarding Leads if you feel you need further advice or support.



Parents, carers and staff can report concerns about harmful or upsetting content and bullying or abuse online. We will encourage concerns to be reported to one of the DSL’s in the school. The DSL can be contacted by visiting school to speak to them, telephoning school or via an e-mail to

Report harmful online content to the or by alerting the police.