Welcome to Starships!

The adults in our class are Miss Evans, Mrs Maundrell and Mrs Parkes. 

This page contains news about our learning. Please see the other pages for information about curriculum, homework and timetables. 

Class Hero: Edward

Star Reader:  Phoebe

Star Writer:  Jenson

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Music: While we were dressed up in our costumes, we thought it would be fun to show off our music knowledge! Earlier in the year we learned a song that let us remember the seven interrelated dimensions of music. This video shows that we can still remember it! 

French: Please watch these two videos of us role playing a shop keeper in French! "How much is it?" "It's ___ euros!" We then even talk about giving change. 

Fantasy Narratives

To generate ideas for our fantasy narratives (a journey through the body), we worked in groups to act out a section of the body. These were: the mouth, oesophagus, stomach and small intestine. We had to really think: what would it feel like to be tiny in this body part?






How did the Anglo-Saxons make bread? We used just two ingredients (flour and water) to make bread and cooked it over a fire (the hob) as Saxons would. 

How did the Anglo-Saxons dye their clothes? After searching for natural materials in the local Nature Reserve, we came back to the classroom to prepare natural dyes. We used a variety of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables to dye fabric squares. 

During Maths, we created posters that displayed our knowledge about square numbers. 

To display the skills and knowledge we have learned this half term, we took part in an 'Innovate week'. We made a variety of crafts for our 'trade fair' then looked at the other creations Explorers and Voyagers had made. These photos were all taken by the children. 

As an ICT project, we have been making 'artefact museums'. We had to research all of the information ourselves. Our final PowerPoints had hyperlinks, inserted images and videos. 

In Maths, we have covered column addition, subtraction and multiplication. This week we are thinking about factors. We all used counters to find factors of numbers using arrays. 

On Wednesday 2nd October, we were invited to a reflective art workshop at the local church. We really enjoyed this, thinking about 3 pieces of art called "love", "hurting" and "dreaming". 

In RE, we have been thinking about the pilgrimages of different religions. We have learned in lots of different ways - board games, matching activities...

Visitors from RAF Cosford Museum came to discuss World War I and the importance of remembrance. There were artefacts to look at and enjoy! 

Today we used our Anglo-Saxon inspired designs to create our own prints! Take a look at what we made...

Another investigation in Science this week! This time we have been thinking about how sound can change. First, we listened to classical music to identify changes in pitch. Then in our investigation, we used a balloon, straw and elastic bands to change the sound and notice the difference in pitch. 

We have now moved onto addition in maths. We have been adding up to 6 digit numbers and applying our knowledge to reasoning questions. 

Recently during French we have been thinking about how to say our birthdays. To do this, we revisited our numbers to 31 and then our months. Here you can briefly see us playing a game when we had to jump up for our birthday month. 

In D&T, we made a home appropriate for an Anglo-Saxon. We had to choose which materials would be most appropriate and try to recreate features within the home. At the moment, these are still on display in our classroom. 

In Science we are learning about sound. So far, the children have learnt some definitions about sound (such as frequency, volume and amplitude). Then, we felt vibrations through musical instruments. In our most recent Science lesson, we conducted an investigation into how far different sounds travel. 

In maths, we have been thinking about place value. Within this, we have compared, ordered and rounded numbers up to a million. 

In literacy (or 'theme') we have been thinking about character profiles. We started with writing about King Offa, who was the King of Mercia. Now, we have started writing character profiles about King Alfred the Great.