Good to be Green
As a result of the consultation last year we have reviewed the ‘Good to Be Green’ behaviour system, and made slight modifications
as seen in the attached brochure.

As a school we firmly believe in a ‘no shouting policy’ and we strive at all times to build a learning environment and culture that is driven by being positive and reinforcing this at all times; this entails capturing this desired behaviour at every opportunity and rewarding the child (praise/dojos/stickers etc.) for doing this.

We believe that our school is a good school, whereby all within it believe and adhere to the following key principles:

Be your best
Always do our best work
Wear my uniform and look smart
Show pride in my school environment

Look after one another
Be safe
Keep hands and feet to yourselves
Use equipment carefully
Walk carefully and safely around school
Be polite
Make everyone feel welcome
Treat everyone equally
Speak calmly and respectful
Take turns and use ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’
Be kind
Look after people when they feel left out
Be helpful to others
Listen to what others have to say
Share nicely with others

We believe that these principles are the driving force at the heart of getting the behaviour from good to outstanding. As a school we are always reflecting on how things can be improved and we welcome at every opportunity constructive feedback on how systems can be improved.
If you would like to discuss it further please feel free to come and speak to a member of the behaviour team.

You can find our full Behaviour Policy under the 'Policies' section of the website.