How do we teach Music at Albrighton Primary School & Nursery?


At Albrighton Primary School, we strongly believe that music has the power to enhance and enrich learninginstil a sense of community and positively impact on individual's self-esteem and mental wellbeing.  In addition to harnessing the power of music across the curriculum, our overriding aim is to instil in pupils a lifelong love of music

Music features in all aspects of school life, from learning songs to gain fluency in subjects such as Maths and French, to curriculum Music lessons, to whole school singing and extra-curricular music opportunities.  Music flows through the school and enhances our learning environment. 

Through the programmes of study (National Curriculum 2014), the children will acquire and develop the key knowledge that has been identified within each aspect of music, and across each year group, through stimulating and engaging learning opportunities.  Regular opportunities to compose and perform enable the children to develop their skills whilst embedding the associated knowledge.  



Curriculum music is delivered through a bespoke scheme of work, developed by the Music Co-ordinator, in collaboration with class teachers.  With National Curriculum Objectives at its core, the scheme draws on high quality resources from The Model Music Curriculum (2021), Music Express Online and BBC music. 

The progression of knowledge and skills across the school is integral to the sequence of lessons, from EYFS through to the end of KS2.  Where possible, links are made to the topics being studied during the term, however, musical objectives are always prioritised over matching activities to themes. 

We have a wide range of untuned percussion instruments available, as well as class sets of recorders, glockenspiels and ukuleles, which enable all children to regularly explore, compose and perform.  Children listen to high quality recordings and have the opportunity to hear live music from a wide range of genres.  Staff notation is taught from KS1 and we aim for all children to be able to read music competently by the end of KS2. 

Extra-curricular opportunities include a thriving choir, popular recorder and ocarina groups and peripatetic music lessons.  Weekly singing assemblies focus on core skills as well as contributing to a sense of community and celebration.   


Children will have developed the knowledge and skills to enable them to continue their musical journey beyond the primary curriculum. Children’s knowledge and skills will develop progressively as they move through the school, not only to enable them to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum but to prepare them to become competent and enthusiastic musicians in their secondary education and beyond. 

We measure the impact of our music curriculum through the following methods: 

  • Assessing children’s understanding of the knowledge and linked vocabulary before and after a unit is taught. 
  • Formative assessment throughout lessons – questioning, making observations and carrying out AFL tasks to check knowledge and understanding.  
  • Moderation of work and video recordings to ensure appropriate progression of attainment across the school. 
  • Annual reporting of standards across the curriculum. 



The Shropshire Music Service have sent us some fun musical activities for you to try at home. 

Each PDF file has a simple idea and a video link to support you.

These will be added to once a week.

We would love to display some examples of your music making on this page.

Please email photographs or videos to 

 KS1 Kandinsky.pdfDownload
 KS1 Mini Beast Rhythms 22 jan 2021.pdfDownload
 KS1 Tingalayo 5 Feb 21.pdfDownload
 KS2 Cup Percussion 1 IM STILL STANDING[16403].pdfDownload
 KS2 Cup Percussion 2 CLASSIC ROCK GROOVE 22 Jan 2021[16708].pdfDownload
 KS2 Cup Percussion 3 LET IT BE 29 Jan 21.pdfDownload
 KS2 Cup Percussion 4 THE CUP SONG 5 Feb 21.pdfDownload
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BBC Music Resources

EYFS & KS1 - Yolanda's Band Jam is a fantastic Cbeebies programme with a wide range of professional musicians - including Beverley Knight and The Lightning Seeds!


KS2 - Check out this link to view some short CBBC Music Videos from your favourite shows. 

Recorder Lessons with Mrs W!

Why not learn to play the recorder during this lockdown?!

Click here for daily lessons and resources.


Mrs Wilkinson really misses the weekly choir sessions at the moment - do you?

Click here to take part in Mrs W's digital choir challenges - suitable for all ages.

Calling All Instrumentalists!

We know that lots of you play musical instruments in your spare time and many of you are continuing to have music lessons via Zoom during lockdown.

We would love to post some videos of you playing your favourite piece for your friends to enjoy.  Please email videos to 


A big thank you to Nancy in Year 6 for sending us this recording of her beautiful piano playing.


Martin's mum is teaching him to play the ukulele.  As you can see from the video, he is making excellent progress!