Bronte the School Dog

We have decided to welcome a School Dog into Albrighton!  

There has been much research on the benefits of dogs’ relationships with children and their nurturing and therapeutic value in schools.  

In addition we have carried out our own research into schools who have a school dog, as well as visiting a local school who have had school dogs for 15 years.

Here she is, meet Bronte, the Albrighton School Dog! This page will track Bronte's progress and will show you exactly how she settles in and interacts with the children. We very much want the children to be heavily involved in Bronte's introduction into school even getting the children to pick a name!

After over 200 suggestions we came to the final decision to name the dog Bronte!



The Adventures of Bronte

This year was my first year seeing snow! I didn't realise what snow was until I woke up to see the world had turned white.

I had a great time though jumping around in the snow, but it was very cold on my paws. I ended up with tiny snowballs attached to my fur it took a long time for them to melt!

I cannot wait for it to snow again it looks so pretty and magical!