Homework and Spellings


Your child reading regularly at home will really help them progress. We would like all pupils to read at home at least 3 times per week. Please record all reading at home in your reading diary. When you have read 3 times in a week, you will get a sticker. When you have 5 stickers, you will be able to choose a prize. 


This weeks spellings are:

furniture     sculpture

picture       lecture

nature    literature

creature    fracture 

capture     puncture

culture     mixture

moisture    signature

future   temperature

gesture     texture

structure     miniature



All of our spellings have a /chuh/ sound, spelt with 'ture' 


Home Learning Tasks


This week, please have a go at one of the projects below based on our topic, 'Potions'.


Please try and complete four or five of the following homework tasks. These are designed to be enjoyed by parents and children as a joint experience. Please send your completed homework in or some photos and we will celebrate these achievements in class.

At the end of year 4, your child will be expected to spell

75% of the statutory spellings listed below, as well as all of the year 1/2 spellings (below in blue and white). Our spelling

lesson teach the rules of these spellings. Where possible,

practice the following spellings with your children alongside

their weekly spellings.