Zoom Club - Before and After School Club

Zoom Club operates daily, during term time, from 7.30am to 8.45am for breakfast club and after school club runs from 3:20pm until 5:45pm.

Breakfast Club: The fees have been set at £5.00 per session per child.

After School Club: The fees have been set at £5.00 per session per child until 4:30pm.  If parents are late picking up their child(ren) a full session fee of £9.00 is payable.

The charges for children staying after 4:30pm are set at £9.00 per session per child.  Any siblings joining the club will be charged at £7.50 per session for the second child and £5.00 per session for a third child. 

Payment must be made in advance of any booked sessions.

Zoom Club Booking forms

Follow the link below to register your child for Zoom and to see all Terms and Conditions.

If you do have any queries or need to contact a member of the Zoom Club staff please contact the main school office on 01902 372558.  

Alternatively, email zoom@albrighton-pri.shropshire.sch.uk