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At Albrighton, reading is of paramount importance. Our staff are all trained to a high standard to deliver phonics and reading lessons. We are ambitious for our pupils and are determined that all children will learn to read well. Our Reading curriculum has been carefully planned so that phonics teaching is pacey and progressive, pupils build on the sounds they know and have plenty of opportunity to practise new sounds. We use the Letters and Sounds programme, which we have aligned with reading books from Bug Club. This ensures that early readers only access books that contain the sounds they have been taught. Once pupils are confident blending sounds, we develop their fluency and stamina whilst ensuring they have a deep understanding of the text. The impact of our progressive and effective reading curriculum is that we develop children who read confidently, talk about books, access the full wider curriculum and become life-long independent readers.

Mrs Short

English Coordinator / LKS2 Phase Leader

World Book Day letter 2021

Here is the link for your electronic World Book Day voucher. 

Our shared display

Bronte: The School Dog

Bronte the School Dog, is a huge part of us developing ways in which we can help children to gain confidence reading, she has been meeting with our Star readers each week so they can read to her! She has been a real hit!

New Books for us

A big thank you for another successful Book Fair! We raised £680 in commission for new books which has meant that across the whole school we have been able to replenish our books and get the children some fabulous new reads!

Reading Hero

Would you like to be a champion on our reading team? We are looking for 'Reading Ambassadors' to champion reading in our school!

If you think this could be you contact the School Office or Mrs Short

World Book Day 2021

Bug Club and Letters and Sounds

We use the Letters and Sounds programme, which is underpinned by our school phonics progression scheme. Each set of sounds has been carefully matched to fully decodable books. This ensures that pupils use phonics as their reading strategy and do not guess words. 

World Book Day


Your child will learn to read using 'synthetic phonics'. It is important that you say each sound correctly when helping your child read. Take a look at the video below to help. 

Our staff are all readers too!

We love a good book here at Albrighton. Why not ask your teacher about their favourite?  

Reading Newsletter

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