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In our classroom, we are supported by an amazing team who include Miss Saunders, Mrs. Ord, Mrs. Taylor and Mrs Podmore, as well as Mrs. Wilkinson, Miss Whale and Mrs. Parkes in Aeronauts!


Our topic for this half term is: 'Stargazers', a science based topic focusing on our solar system. You can find further information about our Curriculum, on the Curriculum Page (just click the link).


If you have any problems, please drop me an e-mail (explorers@albrightonprimary.com) or catch me at the door!


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Today we have been to RAF Cosford to start our 'A Child's War' topic! We have completed a treasure hunt around the museum and handled artefacts from the war, as well as getting the opportunity to dress up! 

Tomorrow, we will be experiencing life as an evacuee in school! 


Today, we welcomed our Mayan Visitors, Sue and Cat, from ‘Widget Workshops’ to school to enhance our topic experience of 'The  Marvellous Mayans'.

We have learnt all about the civilisation, artefacts from the time and even got to weave baskets and make Mayan worry dolls. 

Every child has had the chance to explore the   Mayan Glyphs, as well as write their own name using the Mayan glyph language using traditional tools of the time. As well as that, we got to handle artefacts and replicas from the Mayan civilization! 

We got to experience the Rainforest and provinces in Central America through VR-headsets, finding wildlife and becoming immersed in the    archaeology of the Mayan Empire; travelling to modern day Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and around the Yucatan Peninsula to visit Tikal’s Grand Palace and other ruins.

This has been an amazing start to our topic and we have learnt so much!



We have had an assembly about Queen Elizabeth II. 

In class, we have remembered the life of the Queen by using our artistic skills by creating a collage of Her Majesty throughout her reign. Take a look at how we are getting on so far.

When we have finished, we will be proudly displaying them on our door and wall!

W/B 05/09/2022

This week, we have been looking at diary writing, as well as Place Value and mask making. 

Take a look at some of our fantastic masks: