Parent Governors

21st October 2021

We currently have a vacancy for a parent governor, full details are in the attached letter from the Headteacher.  A letter from the Chair of Governors is below.

The Key dates are:

  • Nominations to be returned to school by the end of the school day on Wednesday, 10th November
  • Ballot papers will be distributed on Monday, 15th November.
  • Voting closes at the end of the school day on Monday 22nd November.
  • Votes will be counted on Tuesday, 23rd November and results announced in that day.



Letter re Parent Governor Election and Nomination Form


31st October 2021

Dear Parents,

Although the number of Covid cases in our area remains high, I am delighted that Mrs Bratt and her team have been able to ensure that all of our children have returned safely to school at the beginning of the new school year and all of the evidence shows that children have made tremendous progress and are, once again, enjoying all aspects of school especially being with their friends and taking part in a very exciting curriculum.

On behalf of the governors, I would like to thank you for your continued support of the school and the way in which you have worked with the school to provide as little disruption as possible caused by the pandemic.

This leads me to ask, once again, whether you would be prepared to join us and become a member of the Governing Body. We have one vacancy.  The work is very rewarding and extremely interesting and it means that you would have a role in deciding the future of the school.  We are all looking forward to the exciting new projects that are currently being developed.

A recent monitoring exercise carried out by our school’s adviser, who is also an OFSTED inspector, demonstrated that the school has outperformed the vast majority of primary schools in ensuring that children are on track to meet and even exceed the targets set them before the pandemic.  It also showed how the new developments with the primary curriculum are meeting the new OFSTED framework standards.  Most importantly, he saw happy children whose knowledge and skill base were of a very high standard because of their enjoyment of learning at the school.

We really would like to welcome a new parent governor to join this very successful team.

Current membership shows that we have a very wide range of experienced and skilled governors; all of whom can offer initial support for any new members. Training is also provided both in-house and by the Local Authority.

If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me by email at the following address:


Many thanks

Adrian Marsh, Chairman of Governors