Remote (Home) Learning

In the event children having to isolate, parents should know that it is compulsory for your children to continue with their schooling at home.  Most of your children have already missed 6 months off school and although the majority of you have fully supported your child’s home learning, further time off without any schooling will most certainly be detrimental to their education.  We have spoken to the children so they understand the importance of continuing with their learning.

Below is our Remote Learning Policy which details our offer to you with regards home learning.  You will see that our offer is further improved on our provision during lockdown with increased adult interaction and access to teaching staff throughout the school day.  Similarly the expectation on parents is higher as it is a statutory requirement that your child completes work on a daily basis.

We will need you to provide weekly evidence of the work that your child is doing and you will receive weekly phone calls from a member of staff as a supportive measure.  We will be on hand to help any child/family who are struggling to access home learning, however where there are any cases of parents choosing for their children not to continue their schooling whilst isolating, we are required to refer them to the Education Welfare Officer.  This will also be the case if we are unable to contact you, therefore it is important that you keep us updated with any changes to telephone numbers.

In the event that your child becomes ill during isolation, you should report the sickness as you would if they were attending school.  Similarly it is important that you let us know when your child is well enough to resume their school work again.

All test results for COVID must be reported to school.

Remote Learning Policy for Parents

Additional guidance on home learning:-

Online Course for Parents to Support Home Learning

Remote Education Tips for Parents


Risk Assessments

The Risk Assessment is reviewed and amended to incorporate Government directives.  The last update is 6th January 2021 based on the Government announcement on 4th January. 

Revised Risk Assessment for Parents - Updated 06-Jan-21 


Detailed below are previous versions. 

Revised guidelines for arrival at and departure from school will come into effect on Monday 5th October.  Please ensure you are familiar with them.  Thank you.

Following the government announcement on 31st October, we are introducing new procedures in regard to face covering.  These are the letters we have issued to parents.

01-Nov-20 Letter from Julie Bratt re Face Coverings

02-Nov-20 Revised Guidelines 

Revised Risk Assessment for Parents re full School Reopening - Updated 03Nov20 

Revised Risk Assessment for Parents re full School Reopening - Updated 02Oct20

Revised Risk Assessment for Parents for full School Reopening - Updated 31Aug20

Parents Code of Conduct

It is essential that all parents/carers confirm agreement to the Code of Conduct



It important to clarify the school's position with regards to illness of your child:.

  • If your child has a cold but feels ok and doesn't have a temperature or a cough or any other symptoms that may be COVID related - they may come to school.
  • If their cold is accompanied by any of the above, please inform us and book a test for that day - you should receive your results less than 24 hours following your test. Please remember that until you receive the results of the test - your child and family members should self-isolate.
  • If the test is negative then your child may return to school.
  • If your child feels unwell, for whatever reason, they should stay at home but please keep us informed.
  • In the event of a positive test, please inform us immediately.

Please use the flowchart covid19  for more information.