Our Curriculum

Our Spring 2 for 2024 topic is....

On Safari

The document below explains what we will be learning in each area

The Reception Curriculum

During your child's time in Reception Rangers they will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is play based and centred around the child.  There are three prime areas of learning and four specific areas of learning, these are listed in the document below. 

We have clearly mapped out the skills our pupils learn during each term of Reception in the document below.


At Albrighton we have invested in the phonics scheme, 'Success for All' from Fisher Family Trust. Every day in Reception we have a 25 minute phonics lesson and each lesson comprises of four parts:

  • Revisit/review 
  • Teach 
  • Practise 
  • Apply 

Once pupils have started learning the first set of phonemes, we begin to send phonic reading books home (usually about 2 weeks after your child has started school). Please help your child to read at home as much as possible. It's not just books that are important; street signs, cereal packets, maps, magazines and leaflets all make up a range of incidental reading material that we see in every day life. 

During the second week, we will send home a bedtime book for you to share with your child and a phonics card that your child can talk to you about and explain the sounds they have started learning. 

In the document below you can see which 'green' and 'red' words are in each FFT book.

In addition to the FFT books, we also use Phonics Bug books. 


In Reception, we provide an exciting environment designed to create awe and wonder and provide a stimulus for children to want to write. We read lots of traditional tales as well as a range of other high quality texts which exposes pupils to vocabulary that they will eventually be able to use in their writing. 

When pupils write, they are encouraged to apply their phonic knowledge to write words and as we progress into sentence writing, taught to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Both classrooms have a 'Funky Fingers' area, which provides fine motor skill activities designed to strengthen children's hands and develop a better pencil grip. 

We follow the handwriting scheme linked to our phonics scheme, 'Success for All'.