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Swimming Timetable - Summer 2022

Boogie Nights


Firstly I’m gutted for everyone that missed it! What an amazing evening! 


Rebecca did a solo to start the show off, In front of over 200 people!!! A huge thing for someone to start the show all by herself and amazing tap routine followed!!! 

As soon as the girls started the whole room was quiet everyone focused on there every move. The girls performance was unbelievable, myself, Mrs Rolli and Mrs Shepherd had huge smiles as they performed there contemporary routine! Every single one the girls gave everything and you can tell how excited they where after! 

After a creepy and sudden end the whole room gave them a huge round of applause!!!!

Loads of amazing review from some of the Idsall teachers, Mr Davis said it gave him goosebumps and really freaked him out but he couldn’t look away! Mrs Dillon said it was a GCSE Level performance, but not only that the girls must of felt like celebs as they walked out and all parents of children from different schools was saying how amazing the girls were! 

Huge difference to the street dance/cheerleading type that was on show! 

All credit goes to the girls that have worked so incredibly hard at lunch time perfecting the dance and having the bottle to dance in front of so many people and too Mrs Rolli that without her amazing choreography none of this would happen! Absolutely brilliant and huge thank yous!!!!!!!

Gymnastics success


After 2 weeks of hard work from all the children practicing there routines and vault jumps at lunch time it was put all together in today’s Gym competition. 

I’m sure those of you that spoke to some of the children they was very nervous. For some of them it was there first ever competition!!! 

The competition went really well with some really good scores and performances from each and everyone, they showed determination and commitment to make sure they remembered everything and put it in place on the day. A few tears and moments of panic to add too the excitement everyone competed there vault and floor routines. 

After a manic day our 3/4 Club Gym team came 3rd and won Bronze medals (second year running) and Nathan Lang coming 2nd, winning a silver medal (only boy to podium). 

Fantastic result well done to all involved!


Mr Mountford's Match Report!


Really proud of the boys today! 

We fought well in the first game in our semi final, but the pressure got to us and unfortunately we lost in the semi final 2-0. 

A few tears later and a strong team talk later we had our 3/4th play off against a strong Broseley side. 

The boys bounced back played the way I’ve been asking them too and the way we have been working on. Late on In the game our keeper (Oliver) made an amazing double save from close range which kept our clean sheet. 

The game finished 0-0 which was followed by a penalty shoot out, it was a tense finish but the boys kept calm and won very deserved bronze medals and came 3rd out of 20 teams!

We are slowly trying to change to a competitive culture, this is another huge stepping stone! The boys didn’t give up, they kept fighting till the end and that’s something we can take into other competitions!

Well done!!























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