Meet the staff

Only Our Best Will Do!

Headteacher: Mrs J Bratt

 Deputy Headteacher: Mrs K Tearle


Class Teachers:

Mrs K Matthews - Reception Rangers  (EYFS - Reception)

Miss C Stokes - Reception Rangers  (EYFS - Reception)

Miss C Newton - Shooting Stars (Years 1/2)

Mrs K Martin - Racing Rockets (Years 1/2 & Phase Leader

Miss M Wylde - Cosmic Comets (Years 1/2)

Miss S Mann - Skyflyers (Year 3)

Mrs L Short - Voyagers  (Year 4 & Phase Leader)

Miss M Evans - Starships (Year 5)

Mrs S Wilson - Explorers  (Year 6 & Phase Leader)

Mrs S Wilkinson & Mrs F Rolli - Red Arrows (Year 6)


School Business Manager: Mrs D Rowlands

Administrators: Mrs S Mulhall, Miss C Cook. Mrs H Mason, Mrs C Larner


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs E Chambers

Mrs T Maundrell

Mrs S Ord

Mrs N Parkes

Mrs R Roberts

Mrs E Chandler


Sports Coach: Mr K Mountford


  Bright Stars Nursery

  Nursery Manager: Mrs G McCluskie

  Nursery Practitioners: Mrs F Austin, Mrs T Keyworth, Mrs C Simpson, 

Mrs S Parker, Mrs E Connor and Miss J Moorman


Learning Support: Mrs L Hindes, and Mrs B Varty

Learning Mentor: Mrs S Mulhall & Mrs Parkes


Caretaker: Mr R Summers


Catering Manager: Ms V Shepherd

Kitchen Assistants: Mrs J Bailey, Mrs C James, Ms S Meentzen and Mrs L Podmore



Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs A Bowden

Mrs P Chidlow

Mrs D Jones

Mrs R Ritchie

Miss D Edwards

Mrs J Mann

Mrs S Mountford

Mrs S Green

Mrs P Summers

Miss J Moorman


Cleaner in Charge: Mrs P Summers

Cleaning Assistants: Mrs P Chidlow,  Mrs R Ryan, Mrs V Ritchie,
Ms V Shepherd, Mrs A Bowden, Mrs D Jones


Zoom Before and After School Club

Club Leader: Mrs L Rock

 Club Assistants: Mrs J Bailey, Mrs P Chidlow, Mrs J Chisnall, Mrs L O'Halloran and Mrs L Podmore