Ocarina and Recorder Club


Welcome to Mrs Ord's recorder and ocarina clubs!  We are a group of year 2 children and meet every Monday (recorder) and Tuesday (ocarina) lunchtime.  We are trying really hard to read music so that we can play lots of our favourite tunes.  Each week we learn new notes and have fun playing music together.

Listen to these groups playing Twinkle,Twinkle on the ocarina and Joe, Joe on the recorder. They're fabulous!


  • Keep your ocarina around your neck whilst playing
  • Use your index (pointy finger) and middle finger from each hand to hold the ocarina. Your thumbs will be holding it secure at the back.
  • Make sure your fingers are flat so that the entire hole is covered
  • say a 't' or 'd' when you play each note
  • practice, practice, practice!


  • Make sure you have your left hand at the top
  • Say 't' or 'd' when you play each note
  • Cover the holes properly with the pads of your fingers
  • Keep your fingers slightly above each hole, ready for use
  • Point the recorder downwards. Remember it's not a trumpet!
  • Practice, practice, practice!