Children will be given Phonics homework and spellings once a week, along with their reading

Your child's homework day is: Friday 

Homework is expected in the following Friday and there will also be a spelling test on this day. 

Children are expected to read at least three times a week with an adult. Please sign their reading diaries once you have listened to them to allow us to change their books.

Year 1 spellings

Over the next few weeks we will be revisiting our phase 3 and 5 phonemes in letters and sounds time.  Children will be tested on previous spellings given for those sounds.  All children by the end of year 1 should be able to read and spell these tricky words.  Try practicing them in addition to weekly spellings.



This week’s spellings ....

Year 1.                                              Year 2                                                              

Phonics phoneme mat