Shooting Stars


Welcome to our home page!  

The teachers working with Shooting Stars are

Miss Le Brun, Mrs Ord and Miss Varty.

We are a friendly, happy class who always try our best. 

Watch us shine as we reach for the stars!

 Our Class hero is Iris   Star reader is Louisa and our  Star Writer is Spencer   Well done to you all!

In Maths we have been using a number line to jump backwards when subtracting.

In literacy the children opened the wicked witches post.  It was a leaflet detailing all things she could buy to make her spell.  In groups the children chose five ingredients to create a spell to trap children, including rotten flesh, eat wax, maggots,eyeballs,and mice tails! We then made the potions thinking about time connectives and bossy verbs ready for when they write the instructions.  

Our Topic this term is Hot Hot                             

In topic this week we have been looking at different dips from other countries. We then rated them out of 10 and described them using our senses.

Other activities

 It’s British History week at Albrighton Primary School. Shooting stars have been learning all about Florence Nightingale and how she changed our hospitals and improved healthcare. Look at some of our work...