In Science we will be studying forces in the first part of the Summer term. The children will need to be able to spell the topic words below. We will practise them in class.







High Frequency Words

These are the next 200 most-used words in the English language and this is the first place to start if your child has difficulties spelling. If they can spell them all, then they can move on to the next most frequent spellings (medium frequency spellings).

Medium Frequency Words

These are also important spellings and, once your child can regularly and reliably spell the first 200, they should begin to learn these. They are not all straightforward and you may have to write them out many times (in joined-up [cursive] script) before they sink in (medium-frequency words).


Your child will also we bringing home 10 spellings selected from the New Primary National Curriculum.  These words include specific spelling patterns such as prefixes and suffixes, plus words that all children MUST learn by the end of year 5.  These spellings will be available on our VLE.

Year 5 Spellings

Well done if you have learnt all of the high frequency and medium frequency words.  Now take a look at the spellings we will be learning throughout year 5.  How many do you know already?  How many more do you have to learn this year?

National Curriculum Spelling Appendix (covers all Primary year groups)