Shooting Stars Amazing Work!


   Shooting Stars I am super impressed with all the work I have been sent, it is amazing to see how much work you are doing at home and you should be super impressed with yourselves. I am keeping a note of children working at home to reward once we are back at school.  


Maximus' home learning from this week. Super all about me project, SPAG activities and maths work. 

Bella's super poster for our mini project "all about me".

Key worker children have been working really hard at school with Miss Mann. They have made fairy gardens this week out of recycled materials. 

Maximus has had another successful week working at home, super job! 

Ole's being working super hard at home on his precursive writing, number formation and spellings. Well done Ole. 

Maximus has been a super star at home with all his hard work over the week. Super proud of you Maximus.

Maximus has been working extremely hard at home on our Rio topic, well done!

We made Brazilian flags practising our cutting and sticking skills. 

Maximus fantastic mythical creature. I can see you have thought hard about 'Pig Man' but I am not sure I would like to come across him, he sounds scary! Great job with your spellings and maths too. 

Bella fantastic poem on carnivals, super maths works, creative art and great phonics. You have been working extremely hard at home well done! 

Maximus fantastic poem on carnivals and clearly spoken to, well done. I can see  you have been working hard with your maths and SPAG too, super star! 

Scented Gardens

Freddie has been very busy growing vegetables and flowers at home. Super job. 

Bella lovely information page on pandas! I am very impressed with how neat your writing is, well done. 

Lewis well done for working hard in the garden looking after your plants and hard in the kitchen baking yummy biscuits.

Entries so far for the garden plan competition. I have loved looking at your garden plans and have got some great ideas for my new garden now. I will select winner on Monday :) 

Ole, well done for your conker instructions, it is lovely to see you looking at each stage of the conker growing. Also well done on your very colourful flower mask, super making. 

Alfie enjoyed VE day dressing in red, white and blue and making scones. 

Maximus well done working so hard at home. Your story map of Jack and the Beanstalk looks fantastic, I look forwards to reading your story. 

Oliver super retell of Jack and the Beanstalk. I can see you have tried hard to use a range of conjunctions well done. 

Freddie it is lovely to see you helping your Dad out with growing vegetables and herbs. Well done. 

Oliver and his little brother have been having great fun whilst learning their phonics sounds! Well done boys, you thought of words for your sounds quickly! 

Freddie super pictures and writing on what plants need. 

Wow Oliver! I can see you have been working really hard during lockdown, well done! Congratulations on your tooth falling out I hope the tooth fairy brought you something nice! 

Makena fantastic research on exotic plants, I enjoyed reading your facts and learning something new!! Those flower cookies also look amazing, hope you enjoyed eating them. 

Ryan would like to share his ant farm with shooting stars that he is currently looking after. 

Ole fantastic work on measuring your toys at home, very proud of you. 

Maximus well done on labelling the part of a plant and writing about the moon flower, your writing is lovely and neat well done. 

Makena you have done amazing flower drawings, really detailed. Well done. 

Makena has also done a great job at learning the flower song and performing it so we can all watch! Well done Makena this really did make me smile. Take a look at Makena singing the plant song here    

Sebastian you have done amazing work in maths this week on capacity and volume. Keep up the hard work! Well done.  

Harrison super work colouring your flower, I love how you have used scented pencils too. Well done. 

Freddie MW has been super busy in his garden this week. He has done some planting and made a den using sticks, well done Freddie. I look forwards to seeing your plants grow. 

Maximus has been working super hard at home with his work and has planted his own seeds. Well done Maximus, I am excited to see your plants grow. 

Ole I am super impressed with how hard you are working at home. Your work is really well presented, well done, keep it up! 

Freddie MW what a super space rocket you have made, well done! I am super impressed with how many words you could make out of caterpillar, what a great idea! 

Ryan has been a very busy bee over the last few weeks. Ryan well done at doing so many different activities to help with your learning. Keep up the amazing work! 

Harrison has been extremely busy over the lockdown helping his Mum grow flowers and trees in the garden. Well done Harrison it is lovely to see you getting involved in growing plants and fruit. 

Ole has had great fun exploring the flowers in his garden today. He especially liked the pink flowers because they smelt sweet. Well done Ole its great to see you outside exploring your garden.  Ole has also been very busy in his mud kitchen he has used different leaves, stones,sticks,flowers,sand,blue sand,bark and soil to make a range of dishes. Well done Ole. 

Elowyn what amazing maths work you have done on comparing weight. Keep up the hard work. 

Moon Zoom

Bella WOW!!! You have done such amazing work, look at all that beautiful writing you have done with finger spaces, I am very proud of you!! I love the idea of using your building blocks to count in 2's, well done and that rocket is definitely one of the most colourful rockets I have seen, I love it! 

Maximus I can see you have been extremly busy before Easter working on all aspects of the curriculum, well done! 

Sebastian what an amazing spaceship you have made with your Daddy, I bet you both had great fun making it! I am very impressed with your space diary too, well done 

Freddie well done on your spelling test of the year 1 & 2 common words, you have scored so high I am very impressed! Fantastic job on your times tables, keep up the hard work. It was great to hear about your stick insects and I am sure your friends will enjoy reading about them, I cant believe there is 50 now! I hope you are also enjoying looking after your new kittens, what a great experience. 

Sebastian I can't believe how lucky you have been to have a trip to the moon in the eyes of Neil Armstrong through your virtual reality headset, I am so excited to read your diary entry on your trip. I am glad you are still doing art activities at home making lots of cards for your family and friends such a lovely idea. Keep up all the hard work. 

Ole, I like how you have made your rocket out of a milk bottle, what a clever idea. Hope you had fun making this super rocket

Makena I loved reading your diary entry on your amazing trip to space, well done! I  can also see you have started writing  your version of the story 'Back to Earth with a bump' using a range of conjunctions, super! Wow, what a detailed rocket and well done for using ICT to add to it.

CJ - Wow! I can't believe that CJ's beanstalk which we planted last half term is now 2metres tall and they have got their first runner bean! Also I would like to say a massive well done CJ for completing all the work set on study ladder so far! Keep up the hard work! 

Makena and her Mummy have had great fun learning different space themed songs and found some extra ones they would like to share with you all. Take a look at these planet songs. Well done Makena 


Maximus fantastic work finding out so many different space facts. Your story map looks very interesting and I can't wait to read your story. Keep up the amazing work 

Harrison - Wow! I can see you have been practising hard on your two times tables and spellings well done! Story map looks very good and I look forwards to reading your story. Keep up the super work!