Our wonderful work

Here is some of the wonderful work that Skyflyers have been doing at home. I have loved receiving emails about how proud you are of your work, so I will put it on here for everyone to see!

Keep up the great work! x

It is great to see that Lily is using her time at home to do some innovative projects on top of her home learning!

Well done Ameera! Not once have you lost motivation with your home learning, I am very proud! Look at all this brilliant work! I especially like your Poplar sports day T-shirt that you designed for Virtual Sports Week! I'm sure your fellow team mates would love to wear one!

Lily has been a very busy bee! Have a look at all this work! 

As well as working hard on the home learning task I've been setting, Jack has also been carrying out some brilliant science experiments! The lava lamp is fantastic! 

Evie and Lily-Rae have been working really hard while they have been at school this last week. Here are their character descriptions of Aphrodite and Hera

Can you guess which countries flag Jack has made? What a clever way to do it!

This piece of work by Jack has got everything! History knowledge, sentence ladders and ICT skill! Well done! 

Look at Thomas' amazing Greek sculpture of Ares! What a fantastic job, and more importantly, what a lovely proud smile!

Jack has done a brilliant job of creating a sculpture of Poseidon, God of the sea, using lego! 

It was lovely to hear from Esme today and find out how she is spending down time between doing some brilliant school work!

Ameera has thrown herself into our new Gods and Mortals topic! As well as her maths. A very happy teacher seeing this work from the first week of the half term! 

Ameera has blown me away again with her work this week! Well done! 

Thank you, Lily for sending me this amazing work from this half term! You have been working really hard and I'm very impressed with you gymnastics!

Last week I set the task of making a mural. Lily-Rae and Ameera have made some absolutely beautiful ones! (As well as lots of other fantastic work that they have sent me!)

If you take a closer look at one of Lily-Rae's photos, she has two little furry helpers!!

Great length work Lily-Rae! I know that you have been putting so much effort into you home learning. and great use of the pavement! Everyone will be sure of what 2 meters looks like on your street now too!

Keep up the great work Ameera! I am so proud of all this work, and love receiving regular updates! 

It was lovely to hear off Esme today, as she let me know that she is spending lots of time in the glorious sunshine! Here she is, showing off the tomatoes she is lovingly growing! Well done, Esme!

A great start to our Berlin emails! Well done Skyflyers! I can't wait to see some more!

Ezmai has been making some rock cakes! Delicious! 

Imagine my delight on receiving this email full of wonderful work by Evie!

Big thank you to Dylan and Lola who sent me some rainbows! Lily and Lily-Rae's art work is already on display in the window so I can't wait to add these ones to it!

Ameera has blown me away yet again with all her work this week! And an exceptional effort at her junk modelling! That is a castle fit for a junk king!

A busy Lily has emailed me today - just look at all her fabulous work! Well done Lily, and I'm super proud of all your StudyLadder work! 

Update: Lily has sent some more amazing work this week! Well done!

A beautiful 'my life so far' timeline, a history of Chester, quadrilateral information and fixing some silly sentences!! Ameera has had a very productive Monday! Huge well done!! 

A brilliant time line from Lily-Rae! I especially liked seeing all of the amazing, lovely things you have been doing since lockdown! 

I am super proud of all Ameera's hard work! I can see that you are putting so much effort into everything, and I'm extra impressed at all of your think pinking! Well done! 

Just look at our StudyLadder champion's wall! You're running out of space for all these certificates! Well done Ethan! Also, your window looks fantastic!

If I didn't already love my hometown of Shrewsbury, I would certainly have been persuaded to after reading Jack's amazing leaflet! He has also been busy doing some brilliant shadow investigating! 

Brilliant perimeter work Lily-Rae! Straight back to work after the holidays! And thank you very much for my rainbow! It is now up in my window! 

Looks like we have a photographer in the making with Ameera! These are brilliant photos! Well done! 

I am so impressed with Tyler's writing after Easter! Especially as he has also been super busy looking after his puppies and his new baby brother! 

Lily has gotten straight back into her home learning this week, with some fantastic work! Well done!

An 'EGG'celent Easter Window, Tyler and Freya! I'm sure all your neighbours love it! 

Some more amazing Haiku poems by Ethan! Who knew I was teaching so many wonderful poets?!

Tyler has shared with me lots of brilliant work that he has been doing whilst we have been learning at home! Well done, Tyler!

A brilliant Haiku by Jack, following all the rules!

Ameera has really impressed me with her Design and Technology skills! Have a look at this amazing Egg Drop Challenge attempt!

Just look at all this work form Ethan! Great to hear that you have been working so hard! Well done! 

It was lovely to receive another email today from Lily, showing off all her fabulous work!

Update: Lily has sent me even more work over the last day or so! Very proud teacher! 

The Big Bird Watch! One eagle eyed Skyflyers has been making the most of the garden by spotting some birds! Well done for the super bar chart of your findings too, Evie! 

Esme has been keeping up with her languages by practicing her French colours with this beautiful rainbow

Well done to Jack for achieving a silver medal award from Study Ladder!! You must have been doing lots of brilliant learning!! 

Sometimes, it’s important to take a moment and do some therapeutic art! The colours, and the sunshine, in this photo really perked up my day! Thank you, Lily-Rae!

Wow! I wouldn’t want to cross paths with this Super Predator! Well done to this super creative Skyflyer for designing their own predator, using all their knowledge of your everyday predator!  

Update.... Now we know where this artistic flare comes from! Jack has been learning and practicing some new art skills! 

I'm excited to read some literacy work by this wonderful Skyflyer when we get back to school as she's been working really hard on using the correct tense! :) Keep up the good work, Lily-Rae!

Update: Lily-Rae has sent even more work, showing that she's working really hard on her spellings and her 99 club! x

Seeing this Skyflyers brilliant workload today has made me a very happy teacher! Keep up the good work, Lily! 

Yet another Skyflyer taking real care with their work, in every subject! Well done Ezmai!! 

Lots of brilliant topic and grammar work by another hard working member of our class! Ameera has been a busy bee by the looks!

Update: I have just recieved even more wonderful work from Ameera! So beautifully set out. Check out her DT work lower down the page! 

Evie has been working hard researching hawks, and giving us an insight into her surroundings using her 'a' and an' correctly. 

A challenge from Ethan.. can you solve my word search?

 Predator WordsearchDownload
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Study Ladder updates!


Wow! You are doing amazing at your Study Ladder learning!


Out in the lead with the most points is: Daniel! (10675 points!)

Well done Ethan and Dylan, who are close behind! 

Well done to all of you who have won certificates so far, I am so very proud!















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