Our new email address is  years4and5@albrighton-pri.shropshire.sch.uk  

This will replace the class email addresses.

Please email with any queries or to share your work. 

Please head over to our new Year 4/5 celebration of work page, where you will see examples of some of the work sent to us. 

Daily work will continue to be set and uploaded on the 4/5 Home Learning page by 9am each day. 

Well done for all of your hard work. 

A lot of you enjoyed the biscuit making and I have enjoyed seeing the photos of your hard work. 


Another lovely batch of biscuits.

Below, two other busy bakers...

Here are Konnor's space biscuits. He was pleased with the taste but said he's add icing next time.

Some of you have sent in some artwork linked with our Space Topic. Thank you for sharing!

Riley has been very busy and has sent me in a lot of work. Well done to her!

Some super writing here linked to our Stargazer topic!

Some of you have used lego to make your model rocket - here is one of them.

Konnor has done some super moon art. I hope you like his alien as much as I did!

Alex sent me a 25 page Powerpoint - what a huge amount of work. I'm putting 3 of his pages here.

Khalid has been busy too.

Here is Oscar's story.

I've had two made up planets which I am sharing with you here. Well done Xavier and Oscar.

We have had a few of you send in work about an Air Hotel - what an interesting idea!

Here is some of the work that children have done about the planets. 

Have you thought of a way of remembering the planets yet? Poppie has suggested two:

Mr Venture Easily Makes Jam Sandwiches Under Nettles


Monkeys Very Easy Milkshake - Just Shake Up Narnas.

Below is Oscar's equally memorable mnemonic! We have had one from Konnor, too!

Here is Alex's version.

Oscar, Poppie and Xavier have both done some research into Galileo.

Did any of you create a poster for the Postie? If so, please send it to me! I have only received two and it would be nice to see a selection. If you don't have  a printer, you can create your own.

Lydia had a go at the fossil experiment. She didn't use bread but was able to get similar results in a different way. She helpfully wrote up her method so you can have a go if you like!

Well done to all of you working so hard on Study Ladder. Did you know you can print you certificates out?  Lots of you have now received your bronze certificate. Well done!

Here is a selection of our Silver certificates: Well done, everyone!

Well done to all of these children for achieving their Gold Certificates!

We have some Platinum Certificates now. Super work!

And we even have some children who have achieved a trophy now. Here are the bronze trophy certificates

We have 4 children so far with a silver trophy.

Ffion was the first to get to a gold trophy. Very well done!

Recommended Read. 

The class get to choose a book for me  to read. I read The Parent Trap by David Baddiel and wrote a Book Review which I shared with them. The book the class asked me to read next was The BFG by Roald Dahl. I've finished it now and will share a review with you next week.

In the meantime, please do listen to excerpts I've recorded and put onto the main home learning page for 4/5.

I am sorry to the fans of my cat, Tilly. I did start a diary of lockdown poses - but they were mostly the same so I have stopped. Tilly is very old (she is 20 which is a very good age for a cat) and sleeps a lot so there wasn't much variation. Here she is, once again, asleep. She has no idea there is a lockdown: it hasn't changed her life at all.

Before Easter, our topic was about mining and I was pleased to get so much super work including writing, artwork, DT and ICT. Below is a selection of the work that was sent in. Well done everybody!

The children voted for our class council members.


In Literacy, we have been writing explanation texts linked with our theme. We then wrote adventure stories about being a tiny person travelling through the digestive system.




In maths we are working on fractions. We are using blocks and images to convert from improper fractions to mixed numbers.


This half term our theme is based on mining "Firedamp and Davy lamps" so today we started by using Scientific vocabulary to describe and sort materials. Then the children examined different rocks for evidence of layers, crystals, fossils and other features.




These are two science activities linked to our themed work. On the left is home made dye which the children made following a visit to the local nature reserve. This was linked to our theme of Traders and Raiders.

The other photo is of a classification key which the children made while working on the theme "Bottoms, Burps and Bile".




This half term our topic is a history focus and today children looked at artefacts to try and guess their use and from when in History they originated.


In ICT the children have been using an art package to create designs inspired by Anglo Saxon artwork. They used the symmetry tool and different drawing tools to create the effects.



Linked to our "Firedamp and Davy Lamps" unit, the children have looked at work by The Pitmen Painters. They did some pencil studies on perspective and then used water colour pencils to create their own artworks.



The children have used wool to make patterns for printing Anglo-Saxon patterns.



Ahead of Remembrance Day we had two visitors from Cosford who came to run a Remembrance Day workshop and brought along some artefacts for the children to look at.