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Red Arrows Home Learning

Welcome to the Red Arrows' Home Learning Page!

Whilst we are no longer working towards SATs, it is essential that you leave primary school in the best possible position to fulfil your potential at secondary school.  It is going to take determination and self discipline to stay focused on the work set, but it is really important and we know you can do it!

Try to keep to school working hours with breaks at the usual times if you can.

Over the weekend, we will post an overview for the next weeks' learning.  Lesson resources will then be posted each day to support the activities that you are being asked to complete.

Each day you will be set:

  • a SPaG task
  • a writing task
  • a reading task 
  • maths tasks
  • a theme/topic task

In addition, you should do the following tasks every school day:

  • Read your own book for at least 10 minutes 
  • Practise your times tables using either an app ('DK 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables' is free on apple and android devices) or by writing them out / asking someone to test you.
  • Keep active! The Body Coach will be doing a 30 minute PE session  on his youtube channel everyday.   

If you were in school on Friday 20th March, you will have been given a login and password for 

If you complete the day's tasks that we have set, you can log on to complete additional activities.

If you didn't receive log on details, please ask your parents to email the class page and we will send them to you.

Take care and work hard!

Mrs Wilkinson & Mrs Rolli 

Sumdog Weekly Report!

Well done those of you who have been using Sumdog to practise your maths, x tables and spellings.

There are new spelling challenges and a maths challenge on fractions, area, volume and perimeter starting today.

Today's top scorers in spelling are: Tom (140), Frazer (128) and Felicity (99)

Iyanna did the most spelling practice this week (120 minutes), followed by Frazer (70 minutes) and Louis (70 minutes)

Felicity had the top spelling proficiency score this week of 5.31!!!

Finn was top of the x tables chart this week, scoring 100% in every test!

Today's top scorers in maths are: Josh (221),  Charlie (165), Noah B (77)

Charlie did the most maths practice this week (170 minutes), followed by Iyanna (140 minutes) and Zakk (130 minutes)

A big WELL DONE to all of you who had a go.  Keep it up please!

Red Arrows are currently in first place in the Shropshire Maths Contest!! 

Keep playing guys, as this contest runs until 30th April!  Remember it's accuracy that scores points in the contests, so take your time.

We are also entered into a new National Maths Contest starting soon, from 3rd April to 9th April and another which runs from 8th May to 14th May.  There are over 2540  other classes entered into these, so let's see how well we can do!


After the Easter holidays, our literacy work will be based on the book

'Holes' by Louis Sacher.  

We want to give you warning, in case anyone wants to order the book / download it.

Alternatively, if you google 'Holes PDF', the first result is a PDF of the complete text.  We have no idea whether or not this has been legally reproduced, but it is there, and we will leave it up to you to decide what you do with that information! :-)

Mrs Wilkinson will be reading the text aloud over the course of the half term too!

It is up to you whether you choose to read the book over the holidays or not, but you might find that you enjoy the literacy work more if you don't read it in advance.

If you are lucky enough to have Disney +, the film is available to watch on there - we just ask that you wait until you have read the book before you watch it!



If you find yourself at a loose end, why not have a go at some of these activities during the holidays.  Don't forget the Potter themed reading challenge too!  We would love to see some pictures of what you get up to.


 Easter Anagrams.pdfDownload
 Easter Bunny Origami.pdfDownload
 Easter Chick Origami.pdfDownload
 Easter Egg Mindfulness Colouring Pages.pdfDownload
 Easter Multiplication Mosaics.pdfDownload
 Easter Recipes.pdfDownload
 Easter Wordsearches.pdfDownload
 French Easter Colour by Numbers.pdfDownload
 French Easter Wordsearch.pdfDownload
 Important Homework - PLEASE READ.docxDownload
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Audible have made certain children's audio books available for free.  This is on a completely separate website to their online shop and there is no need to create an account or log in, you simply stream the stories you want to listen to, when you want to listen to them.  

The stories can be found at 

As you know, I am a big Harry Potter fan.  My challenge to you, is to listen to 'The Philosopher's Stone' over the Easter holidays (the audio book can be found on the 'Tween' tab).  I have already read the story 3 times (!) but I intend to listen to it again.  When you have finished, email us a one sentence review.  The sentence can be as long as you like - as long as it is grammatically correct - but it needs to be a complete sentence which makes sense.

JK Rowling has just launched a home learning website which has lots of Potter related activities if you are a fan.  Harry Potter at Home

Have a Happy Potter Easter!

Mrs W x






WONDER Page 263

WONDER Page 265

WONDER Page 268

WONDER Page 271

WONDER Page 275

WONDER Page 282 - apologies for George's tantrum in the background towards the end!

WONDER Page 288 - apologies for my croaky and disappearing voice - I wanted to finish the book before the Easter holidays!

WONDER - Page 298

WONDER - Page 305 to end