Our new email address is  years4and5@albrighton-pri.shropshire.sch.uk  

This will replace the class email addresses.

Please email with any queries or to share your work. 

Year 4 & 5 Home Learning

Every morning at 9am, join Joe Wicks in a 30 minute PE session. This will energise you and wake the brain for the rest of your learning.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz0go1pTda8 

Our new topic is


Below is an overview of this week's learning. 

Daily information

Friday 5th June


Here are this week's spellings for Year 4 and 5. Please learn your spellings using look, say, cover, write, check. 

Practise putting each word into a sentence.  These spellings will stay on the website all week for you to access. 


Year 4 - dangerous, poisonous, mountainous, joyous, synonymous, hazardous, riotous, perilous, momentous, scandalous

Year 5- definite, desperate, literate, secretary, stationary, dictionary, Wednesday, familiar


In addition to learning your spellings, you should be accessing the SPaG tasks on Study Ladder.  


 Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity Y4.pdfDownload
 Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity Y5.pdfDownload
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If you haven't already, you can take some time today to finish off your alternative Alice in Wonderland story. 

Todays task is an Alice in Wonderland comprehension. There are 3 levels (1 star being the easiest and 3 being more challenging). You can choose the sheet that's right for you.

Check your work against the answers provided after you have completed it by yourself. 

 Comprehension FRIDAY.pdfDownload
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 Alongside Study Ladder, you can now access White Rose Maths lessons. 

It's Friday, which means your Friday Family Challenge is here!

You can access the challenge from the file below. The challenges are designed to be accessed by a variety of ages.  

The most suitable questions for Year 4 and 5 are 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 but there's no limit to how many you can do. 

After you've done your best, you can have a look at the answers HERE


 Challenge Certificate.pptxDownload
 Family Challenge 5th June.pdfDownload
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Maths Challenges

Have a look at the document below for some Maths challenges. They are in age order so start easier and get more challenging. Have a go at a couple of the challenges each week. This document will stay on the website for you to access. 

 Maths challenges.pdfDownload
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Write your biography about Lewis Carroll using the information you researched yesterday.

Ingredients for success:

Have you…

Used a question or interesting opening statement to hook the reader?

Summarised the main events of the person’s life in the first paragraph?

Written in the past tense?

Used third person pronouns?

Written about key events in the person’s life?

Written about his work? 

 Biography of Lewis Carroll THURSDAY.docxDownload
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Competition Time

Take a look at the competition below... 

 Washing hands competition.pptxDownload
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Missed a day?

Below is the file list for the week. The catch up document will detail the activities. All work will be uploaded daily in the usual way. You only need to look at the files below if you have missed a day and want to catch up. 

 Additional Investigation Bottle Flipping .pdfDownload
 Biography of Lewis Carroll THURSDAY.docxDownload
 Catch up document.docxDownload
 Comprehension FRIDAY.pdfDownload
 Relative clause.jpgDownload
 Year 4 Lesson 1 Worksheet Monday 1st June.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Lesson 2 Tuesdsy 2nd June.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Lesson 3 Wednesday 3rd June.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Lesson 4 Thursday 4th June.pdfDownload
 Year 4 Video Links for the whole week.pdfDownload
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Study Ladder - A couple of you have had some hiccups with Study Ladder so we thought we'd share them here.

  • Study Ladder is set to school hours so don't try to do it after 3:30
  • Some spelling lessons do have a glitch when you have to retype a word. If that happens please email your class teacher with the details of the lesson and we can report it to Study Ladder.
  • An eagle-eyed year 5 has spotted some mistakes in the maths answers. If you put in your answer, and you are sure that you are right, ask an adult to check with a calculator. You might be right. Again, if you tell us which lesson, we can report the mistake to Study Ladder. 

Thank you all for your hard work in using Study Ladder. There may be odd glitches with it, but overall it is such a good way of you practising your work right now.

Maths games!

Have a look at these 25 fun maths activities and games you could do at home for free. 

Miss Evans' favourite idea from this website is a Maths Problem Scavenger Hunt! Get an adult to give you a grid of measurements (e.g. 30cm, 300g, 10mm, 50g, 1m etc.) then gather items from all over your house and garden to match. 


There is also a bumper pack of KS2 Maths sheets below to practise basic arithmetic skills.

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Audible is currently free (with no need to create an account) which gives you access to hundreds of audio books! Miss Evans is particularly thrilled because you can even hear Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone! Which exciting book are you going to discover? Which audiobook do you recommend to your class teacher? 
Are you running out of books at home yet? There are a variety of ebooks available online for free from Oxford Owl. You just need to make a free account. As you can see below, there are lots to choose from. There is even the option of having them read aloud. 


STORY TIME with Mrs Wilson!

 I am reading The BFG by Roald Dahl, the Puffin edition (as recommended by Explorers).

The BFG Page 1  

The BFG Page 8

The BFG Page 16 - I'm not happy with my BFG voice yet - it may change! I can only upload short bursts at a time (about 1/2 a page) so this will all make more sense if you read the book for yourself alongside listening to my extracts!

The BFG page 23. 

The BFG page 34. I have realised there is a lot of speech in this book - it's quite hard to find extracts to read without speech. In this one The BFG is explaining to Sophie how he finds dreams.

The BFG Page 39. More on dreams - I like the idea of a net to catch dreams... 

The BFG Page 73 - How to catch a dream...

The BFG page 81.


The BFG page 91.


The BFG - page 144

Have you seen rainbows appearing in windows? They are meant as a symbol of hope in these difficult times. Here is mine. If you want to share yours, please email it to your class email address. We'd love to see them!


The government have compiled a useful list of resources, separated by subject. Take a look and see which could help you. Please note there are both primary and secondary resources on the site. 

Are you feeling worried about home learning? We are of course here to help via email and want to supply you with enough resources for you to do this at no cost. However, we have also been sent an email that links to Amazon products that support home learning. If this is of interest to you, this hyperlink shows resources separated into year group and subject so you can choose what is most appropriate.