Skyflyers Home Learning

It's the last week of term! 

A huge well done Skyflyers, you have done so well through all of this. I am very, very proud.

This week, I am setting you a project to compete through the week rather than daily work. Enjoy! 

Don't forget to keep in touch with everything that you have been doing 

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Your Marvellous Me project will be based around literacy. I would like you to create an information pack for your new teacher to let them know all about you! 

You can do this as a leaflet, a poster or a book. You could also write a letter or produce a powerpoint!

 I would like your project to include:


A picture of yourself - labelled to describe your appearance

Key facts (age, where you live, birthday)

Your hobbies, interests and favourites (outside of school, food, colour, animal etc.)

What you love to do at school

What you don't love to do at school

About your family and friends

What you are looking forward to in September


Write each section as a paragraph and remember to use your capital letters, full stops, super spellings and challenge yourself to use effective adjectives, commas in a list, fronted adverbials and different clauses

Relative clause = Miss Mann, who teaches year 3, lives in Shrewsbury.

Subordinate clause = Miss Mann likes to eat Ice cream while she is at the beach.


Use the files below to help you plan your work before doing the final piece.

When you have done, send your work across so that I can send it over to your new teacher!

 How to draw a face.pdfDownload
 I am an amazing person.pdfDownload
 My family.pdfDownload
 My favourite things.pdfDownload
 My new school year.pdfDownload
 This is me.pdfDownload
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Calling all Maths Super Stars!

Can you use your knowledge to solve these mysteries? All of your hard work in maths has led you to this task! Choose your level of challenge, and good luck!

Tricky mysteries:

 Dragon mystery.pdfDownload
 Moji Mystery.pdfDownload
 Mystery Macaw.pdfDownload
 Mystery of the Naughty Gnome.pdfDownload
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Trickier mysteries:

 Monkey Mystery.pdfDownload
 Mystery Melted Ice Cream.pdfDownload
 Super Snack Mystery.pdfDownload
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Other activities

Click on this link for some interactive literacy games

Click on this link for some maths games you can do around the home!

Find more maths challenges in the file below!

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Are you running out of books at home yet? There are a variety of ebooks available online for free -✓&query=&age_group=&age_group=age+7-9&series=&level=&book_type=&view_style=image# You just need to make a free account. As you can see below, there are lots to choose from. There is even the option of having them read aloud!



 Music challenge.pdfDownload
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Phonics Activities

As we have managed to get to the last week of term (a huge well done everyone, this has been a massive challenge) I will not be setting any new phonics work.

I will leave some of the trickier sounds on here for you to look at over the next week and even over the summer holidays - should you wish to. I will also leave a list of words that I know you all have a little trouble spelling correctly and then you can practise them as often as you wish before you start Year 4. Please practise:










The words to practise are:

because, school, house, there, hour, our, are, you, your, here, see, me, my, by. 


I'm very proud of each and every one of you for all of the progress that you have made this year and for trying so hard at home.

Keep safe, from Mrs Mason xx