Skyflyers Home Learning

Well done Skyflyers! You have made it to the end of the term! It was a strange one, but you have all done amazing! 

It is time for you (and your adults!) to have a well deserved rest! There is no requirement for you to do any home learning over the holiday!

I have, however, added a bank of resources to our page of some Easter activities that you might want to do over the holidays!

You are still more than welcome to email me any pieces of work to share on the website, or just to let me know how you are getting on! 

Miss Mann x

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Overview of fun!

Any budding artists in Skyflyers?



As some of you already know, my sister works at the Fire Station. This weekend, they are running a competition to find pictures of a fire truck! You can do this any way you like. Send me an email of your picture this weekend and I will enter it for you! 

Are you running out of books at home yet? There are a variety of ebooks available online for free -✓&query=&age_group=&age_group=age+7-9&series=&level=&book_type=&view_style=image# You just need to make a free account. As you can see below, there are lots to choose from. There is even the option of having them read aloud.  

Please find below some example guided reading questions that you can ask the children whilst they are reading each day!

Phonics Activities

Well done, we have finished Phase 3! For the rest of this week, we can do quick revision lessons to make sure we are really confident with all of the sounds. 

Well done for making it to the Easter Holidays! The main thing I want you to do is have fun with your family. However, I will post some links to some phonics games and resources on Twinkl and you can do as much or as little as you would like.

This weeks spellings are a revision of some we have already done. Please just practise them if you can over the Easter break: