Year 1 & 2 Home Learning

This page will detail activities that you can do with your child at home during any school closures. Each day we will upload a little more information about the activities for the day. Please let us know about any problems through the class email. 

 Take care and keep working hard!

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Our new topic is...

Dancing feet, step to the samba beat. Shake it, shimmy, hands in the air, wave your flags in the cool night air. Come join the party down in Rio, keeping the rhythm with your party shaker. Bright colours, patterns and feathers and making of a headdress or party mask. Meet magical creatures from Brazil’s myths and legends and create your own too. Be as fancy as you like. Let’s get down to Rio where football is king, and practise our skills.

Weekly overview 

Daily updates

Reading and spellings! 



Year 1 phonics

13/7/2020 -17/7/2020

This week work through the phase 5 activity booklet  to make sure you are secure with all your phonic sounds. 

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Year 2 phonics

13/7/2020 - 17/7/2020

This week work through the SPAG booklet to consolidate your learning. 

 Week 7 SPAG booklet.pdfDownload
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In the middle of your page write the word lockdown. Mind map ideas of what you have done during the virus, how you have felt and what you have achieved. This can be single words, phrases or pictures. 


Using your mind map ideas, plan which parts will go together in each section.

Your 3 sections will be

what I have done during lockdown

  • How I have felt 
  • What I have achieved. 



Using your sections as heading, write about the three parts remembering to use

  • capital letters
  • Finger spaces
  • full stops
  • conjunctions
  • sentence starters
  • comas in a list
  • adjectives.


Illustrate your writing from yesterday and label your pictures 



Practise the tricky words on our homework pages. Challenge can you put them into a sentence. 


Year 1 & 2 Maths

 Over the week choose one or two puzzles from the document to complete each day. Use resources to help you and explain to an adult how you have completed the puzzle or problem.

 Puzzles and problems week 7 Year 1 & 2.pdfDownload
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 13/7/2020 - 17/7/2020

This week please complete the relevant transition booklet, end of year memory sheet and create a card for your teacher/ teaching assistant to say thank you for their hard work this year. 


 transition booklet year 1 -2.docxDownload
 transition booklet year 2-3.pdfDownload
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