Helping at Home

In addition to Quality First Teaching and developed interventions taking place at Albrighton, we have a selection of materials that can be used at home to help support your child. 

Each section on this page comprises of documents and files that can be downloaded and used to help at home. 

.zip files contain multiple sessions or intervention documents all related to an area for your child. 


If you need any further guidance or support for any of these, please come and talk to Mr. Wheeler or your class teacher. 


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Website Resources

Helping with Deployment Resources

There is a lot of research into the effects of separation and deployment on service children. If you’d like to read some of that research and increase your understanding of the impact separation from a parent can have take a look at the following links:

To really get immersed, if that is your thing, you can search for ‘Service children’ on the Veterans and Families Research Hub and explore related worldwide research

Separation and Deployment support

If you are looking for support for your family during deployment, here is a list of resources available to you that could be of use to you during this time: 

  • The Naval Families Federation Parental Absence Resource is equally applicable to RAF families.  Download a copy here.
  • RAF Hive will have knowledge of local support service and offer deployment resources. Use the Hive finder to locate your nearest Hive.
  • RAF Community Support (can also be accessed via your local Hive) can offer practical help for individual circumstances.
  • Reading Force brings separated families together through reading.
  • Little Troopers offers resources, initiatives and support to ease and aid repeated separation periods aiming to keep parent and child connected.

You can find more on the RAF Families Federation web pages.


Here are some books that can help discuss deployment with your child:

In addition to these recommendations, have a look at these links: 

19 Must-Have Books for Military Kids During Deployment

11 Must-Have Books for Military Children

13 Amazing Books Supporting a Military Child


Record your own story with Storybook Wings

Storybook Wings is a free service that enables you, the Serving parent, to record your own story book, bringing your voice to bedtime for your child(ren). 

Find out more about Storybook Wings


Organisation and Initiatives offering Deployment Support

Little Troopers


This organisation is a registered charity, founded and run by military wife, Louise Fetigan. Little Troopers main objective is to support children with parents serving in the British Armed Forces, regular or reserve. There is a variety of support available such as separation packs, colouring in cards, residential trips and other events. You can sign up to their newsletter to be kept up to date on what’s available and when.


Reading Force


Reading Force keeps forces families close and connected during deployments and long periods away through sharing stories. It offers support (free books and scrapbooks) to both families, schools or welfare clubs. Their shared reading initiative encourages families to read, talk, and scrapbook about a book, improving communication and enriching relationships with books and each other – one page at a time.

KS2 Phonics Resources

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KS1 Phonics Resources

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KS1 Rapid Reading Resources

Handwriting Resources

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Resources

Fine and Gross Motor Resources

Mathematics Resources

Speech and Language Resources

Communication Resources

Dyslexia Resources

Here are some general dyslexia resources to help at home. 

Look before for Key Stage specific resources. 

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Key Stage One Dyslexia Resources

 Connectives Word Mats Dyslexia.pdfDownload
 Dyslexia Mind Map.pdfDownload
 Dyslexia Support Directory Adult Guidance.pdfDownload
 Dyslexia Support Posters.pdfDownload
 Line Guide With Letter Formation Mat Dyslexia.pdfDownload
 Lower Case Alphabet Flashcards Dyslexia.pdfDownload
 Maths Vocab Signs Poster Dyslexia.pdfDownload
 My Workbook B and D.pdfDownload
 Now and Next Superhero Themed Activity.pdfDownload
 Number Flashcards Dyslexia 0-20.pdfDownload
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Key Stage Two Dyslexia Resources

 Indicators of Dyslexia Adult Guidance.pdfDownload
 Line Guide with Letters Letter Formation Mat.pdfDownload
 Maths Vocab Signs Posters Dyslexia.pdfDownload
 My Tricky Letters and Sounds Word-Mat.pdfDownload
 My Word Mat KS1.pdfDownload
 My Workbook B and D.pdfDownload
 Now and Next Emoji Themed Activity.pdfDownload
 Number Flashcards Dyslexia 0-20.pdfDownload
 Plain Alphabet Arc Upper and Lowercase Alphabet Strips.pdfDownload
 Size Word Cards.pdfDownload
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