Year 3 and 4 Home Learning

Stargazers. Starships and Skyflyers

If you need to contact class teachers about home learning, they can be contacted using the email addresses below: 

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New Home Learning for January 2022

If you child needs to isolate and is unable to come to school, please see learning below for them to complete.  


The maths tasks below will focus around Number and Place Value. These skills are fundamental for all aspects of our mathematical learning. For each lesson you will find a presentation and  a document below it with a worksheet for pupils to complete. 

Please see the below lesson videos and corresponding activities. There is one lesson per day. 

Maths Activities

 Lesson 1.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4.pdfDownload
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Additionally, you can have a go at the place value tasks below:

 Lesson 1 Hundreds EX.pdfDownload
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 Lesson 2 Numbers to 1,000 EX.pdfDownload
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 Lesson 3 100s, 10s and 1s (1) EX.pdfDownload
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 Lesson 4 100s, 10s and 1s (2) EX.pdfDownload
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 Lesson 5 Number line to 1,000 EX.pdfDownload
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Remember to log onto TT Rock Stars to practise those tables 

X Table Colouring Sheets

 Times Tables colouring sheets FOOTBALL THEME.pdfDownload
 Times Tables colouring sheets SPRING THEME.pdfDownload
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Writing Instructions

Follow the series of lessons below which are all linked to writing instructions.


This week in school we are thinking about anti-bullying. First, research online what the definition of bullying is (the Newsround website is a good place to start!). Notice how it is different to being mean once. 

Think about how we can be the best possible friend. Draw an outline of a child and inside it fill it with lots of adjectives (words that describe a noun) of what a friend should be. For example this might be kind, funny and welcoming. Make your child and outline bright and colourful! 

Below are some more grammar PowerPoints and activities that could help practice your skills.

Sentence Construction

SPaG Challenges

Reading Comprehension


Please see the videos, lessons and activities using the link below:

Health - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize 


Please see the videos and lessons focussing on 'Famous British People'

British famous people - KS2 History - BBC Bitesize 

I've finished my work, what can I do now? 

Click on the picture links below for some fun educational activities to consolidate your learning. 

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