Year 1 and 2 Home Learning 

Class teachers can be contacted by email:-

Shooting Stars - Miss LeBrun:

Racing Rockets - Mrs Martin:

Cosmic Comets - Miss Newton:

New Home Learning for September 2021

If you child needs to isolate and is unable to come to school, please see learning below for them to complete. We have focussed on the basics that begin our learning in Years 1 and 2


Please use the sound mats below to support your reading and spelling. Find chosen letter sounds, remembering the letters to write them.

Please take some time to read a book from home. Talk to somebody about what you have read or write some sentences about the book. 

We know you have some favourite stories but perhaps you will be able to find some more stories to share with your friends. 

Let your class teacher know about some of the books you have been reading. 

If you don't have many books at home try these books linked below:

Use the document below as a prompt for questions about what you are reading or what you have read.

Handwriting Resources

Can you write out some of the common exception words using your neatest handwriting?


This week, for English home learning, please read (or have someone read to you) and complete the reading comprehension below...... 

Other Activities

  • Now can you plan and  write some of your own  clear sentences about nocturnal animals, using your neatest handwriting.
  • Can you research a particular nocturnal animal, make some notes and then write up your ideas in clear sentences.
  • Read through your work and check for capital letters and full stops. Can you improve any of your sentences?
  • Draw some other animals, you are interested in and write a sentence to match each one.



Year 1 Maths - Fact families and comparing numbers

Please find attached teaching video and worksheets for the children to complete. 

 Spr1.4.3 - Related facts on Vimeo

Spr1.4.4 - Compare number sentences on Vimeo

Year 2 - Multiplication

Please find attached teaching video and worksheets for children to complete.

Spr2.2.3 - 2 times-table on Vimeo

Spr2.2.5 - 10 times-table on Vimeo

Spr2.2.4 - 5 times-table on Vimeo


Please use the link below for learning linked to our Science topic of 'Animals including humans'.

Human body - KS1 Science - BBC Bitesize


Please use the link below for  topic  learning linked to our theme

'Paws, Claws and Whiskers'

Sheep Dogs (

Extra Home Learning resources

If you have finished your learning for today you might want to try out some of these extra resources! 


Practice your phonics skills on 'Phonics Play'.


You might want to try out some extra Art work that can help concentration and fine motor skills.


You could start or finish your day with P.E. with Joe Wicks!

Have a look on the Music page to find some extra activities!

Follow the link here.