Year 1 and 2 Home Learning 

Class teachers can be contacted by email:-

Shooting Stars - Miss Newton:

Racing Rockets - Mrs Martin:

Cosmic Comets - Miss Wylde: 

Expectations of home learning

Each day this page will be updated from 4pm with work for the following day. Please email your class teacher to confirm you have accessed the learning for that day. Send across any finished work you are particularly proud of from the week, each Friday. Some of your work will then be displayed on your class pages. 

Don't worry if you don't have a printer - complete the work on spare paper. 

Please click the links below, to go to your class 'information for parents' pages to find your zoom link -

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What we are doing today...  Friday 5th March 

Do you want to take part in our Masked Reader Competition or our Travel Tokyo competition? 

Click the links below to find out more:

Masked reader competition

Travel Tokyo Competition

All teachers will be in school today so will be unable to answer emails. Please email the school office if there is anything urgent. Thank you. 

Year 1 Phonics - 20 minutes

In year 1, we will be covering phase 5 phonics. We will be looking at the same sound for two days. The first day will focus on reading words that match the sound and the second-day writing words that match the sound.

Please watch the video and find all attachments discussed below: 

Today we are looking at the 'e-e' sound. 

Directed task -  spelling activity

'e-e' words – complete, concrete, eve, these, theme

Alphablocks 'e-e' sound -

Challenge - e-e postcard  

 e-e postcard.pdfDownload
 e-e Spelling Activity.pdfDownload
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Year 2 Phonics - 20 minutes

Remember Y2s, you can look at the Y1 phonics work too.

Miss Wylde is teaching Phase 5 sounds and all work links to these.

I know how much you enjoy both Alphablocks and Phonics Play games, so please take a look.........

Today we have a reading comprehension to complete. Remember to apply your phonics when reading to support you in reading with increasing accuracy.

Choose the appropriate level of text for you….

Most children should access p.4 and work on answer sheet p.5

P.1-2 offers a simpler text.

P.7offers a more challenging text, with answer sheet p.8

…. and read through the entire text before reading any questions.

Ensure you are finding information to answer the questions from the text; Underline important words / sentences, copying them for accurate spelling when answering questions.

Literacy - 1 hour 

Hopefully, you managed to finish your set of instructions for the 'How to make a paper crown' unit.

For the next 2 days, we are going to be creating a postcard for a friend at school, all about home learning. Today we want you to plan your postcard into 4 sections. 

Watch the video and use the resources below to support you. 

Please bring your postcard to school with you on Monday. 

Lesson objective: To write an effective postcard. 

Success criteria:

Reading - 20 minutes 

Please take some time to read a book from home. Talk to somebody about what you have read or write some sentences about the book. 

We know you have some favourite stories but perhaps you will be able to find some more stories to share with your friends. 

Let your class teacher know about some of the books you have been reading. 

If you don't have many books at home try these books linked below:

Use the document below as a prompt for questions about what you are reading or what you have read.

Spellings - 20 minutes

Please find this week's spellings below. You could also practise the common exception words in the front of your spelling books. 

Year 1 -  The split vowel diagraphs 'a-e' and 'e-e'

Year 2 - The sound/ee/ spelt with 'ey'





















Year 1 maths - 30-45 minutes 

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at Measurement and this week we will be looking at Weight and Mass.

Watch the White Rose video following the link. Then complete the worksheets below. You can either print them off or write your answers on a piece of paper. 

Lesson Link:

Friday 05/03/21

Lesson Objective; To be able to complete mass and weight problems

Success Criteria:

  • I can use cubes to balance scales to measure mass
  • I can use different objects to measure mass
  • I can work out the total mass of two objects
  • I can balance scales
  • I can work out the mass of different objects using cubes


Try one of the activities below, linked to our measurement learning .....

Year 2 maths - 45 minutes 

Friday   5/3/21

Lesson Objective; To apply knowledge of 2,5 & 10x table when solving word problems

Today, we complete our unit of work on multiplication and division.

We should now have a really good recall of our 2x, 5x and 10x table.

Today, apply your knowledge when solving word problems from below. If you need to spend more time today learning each times table. These videos might help.







Try the challenge below, that is linked to our learning today ...........

Practise your 3x table using the link below…..

Can you write out both multiplication and division facts for the 3x table?

P.E. - 20 minutes

Have a go at the last'Outdoor Adventurous Activity'! Or enjoy some Just Dance!


We are so looking forward to welcoming you all back in school next week. In order to support you all in settling back into school smoothly, we have chosen a book as a ‘hook’ for our learning in the first few weeks…….

‘'Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers is a lovely book that will allow us to have planned experiences, supporting you to reflect on thoughts, feelings and responses arising from the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our learning over the next three weeks will explore key themes including:

  • Earth’s place in the wider universe
  • The Earth’s environment
  • How we, as humans, relate to each other
  • Other species and our responsibility towards them
  • Belonging and community

This afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, we are asking you to prepare for our return to school.

On each afternoon choose ONE or TWO from the following activities;

Earth’s place in the wider universe

Research to find out key facts about The Solar System. You may want to focus on one specific planet or draw a diagram to explain the make up of the Solar System.

The Earth’s environment

Read and complete one of the reading comprehension tasks, finding out more about ‘Plastic Pollution’

p1 offers a simpler text (suitable for Y1s) with answer sheet p.2

Most Y2s should access p4 and answer on p5

p6-7 offers a more challenging text with answer sheet on p8

How we as humans relate to each other

Carry out an act of kindness for someone else; write a letter, make a card, make some cakes, etc to show that you are thinking about someone else.

Draw a picture of / Write about a person who is special to you.

Other species and our responsibility towards them

Research to find out about a specific endangered animal. Create a poster providing key information.

Belonging and community

Write a list of all the things you do / places you visit in your local community.

Draw a map of your local area with pictures and labels to help someone visiting for the first time.

Of course as it's Friday, remember to take some time out for Green Time........

We hope you enjoy your learning this afternoon. We can't wait to see you all next week ......

Handwriting Resources

Story time

Extra Home Learning resources

If you have finished your learning for today you might want to try out some of these extra resources! 

 This is the BBC timetable of lessons they are showing these are also available on BBC iPlayer.

Here is a link to all the lessons on BBC Bitesize.


Practice your phonics skills on 'Phonics Play'.


You might want to try out some extra Art work that can help concentration and fine motor skills.


You could start or finish your day with P.E. with Joe Wicks!


Y2 - Get some practice on TT Rockstars!

Have a look on the Music page to find some extra activities!

Follow the link here.