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Monday 11 July 2016

Cath Ratcliffe, Don Hickman, Chris Jones and Penny Hunt were in the audience for Year 6's excellent performance of Midsummer Nights Dream; it was fabulous and we all enjoyed it.

Saturday 9 July 2016

Congratulations also to Albrighton Primary for winning 2nd place for their float at Albrighton with Donington Fayre.

Thursday 18th June 2015

Penny Hunt came in to school for web site training with Mr Auckland. Further website training took place with Keith Lockley and Hayley Mason during the afternoon.

Friday 19th June 2015

While in school , Penny Hunt took the opportunity to look at work displayed in KS2 corridors . She was very interested in the Sentence Ladder section and really liked the art work inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's painting,"Starry Night".

Before leaving , she also said hello to the two new girls , Hetty and Betty Chicken . They seemed to have settled in to their luxurious coop very well.

Tuesday  14th June 

Cath Ratcliffe , Keith Lockley and Penny Hunt were in the audience for the Year 6 musical, Rockerfella .... Wow !!!!! It was absolutely brilliant !!! Congratulations to all involved . It was a fantastic team effort . We loved it .

Tuesday 6th October

Hello Skyflyers !!!! I came in to your Science lesson today ... I really enjoyed it and could tell that you did too . You were carrying out an experiment to discover the distance objects of different weights would travel , after being rolled down a ramp . I was so interested in hearing your theories ... I wonder what final conclusions you came to ? I wish I could have stayed to the end of your lesson . ( PH ) 

Tuesday 20th October

3 Governors , Cath Ratcliffe , Chris Jones and Penny Hunt were in school today , interviewing candidates for the post of Deputy Head Teacher .

Our School Council were part of the interviewing team and I would like to congratulate them on their very thoughtful and challenging questions .It was a pleasure to meet you all ..Well done !!! ( PH) Enter text...

Wednesday 11th November

.WOW !!!!! What a wonderful Assembly we were treated to today . ... Well done and thank you Champions . Your Remembrance Day Assembly was fantastic . You worked very hard to learn the words of your very touching play about the 16 year old boy who joined the army and went to fight for his country .Congratulations to the boys and girls who were brave enough to sing on their own . were brilliant !!!! What a lovely surprise to see the Cosford Military Wives Choir join you on stage.... it served as a perfect finale to your assembly . Thank you again from the governors present . Cath Ratcliffe , Keith Lockely and Penny Hunt  Enter text...

Thursday 21st January

Penny Hunt came in to school after you had all gone home . She wanted to look at your work ,displayed on the corridor walls.She could see how busy you have all been . What interesting and wonderful writing and art work she saw !!!She was really impressed to see how well you are doing , climbing your sentence ladders.

Some of the year groups have been thinkng about people like Sir Nicholas Winton  and Nina Simone , who have in different ways fought against prejudice and race hatred . You have done some really thoughtful written work about them.

She went also to KS1 , where she was absolutely enchanted by the fabulous art work she saw . There were lovely portraits painted in the style of Pablo Picasso... Racing Rockets , you obviously understood the style very clearly .The 3D models of people who help in the community ,made by Reception Rangers really made her smile . Well done to all of you... She cant wait to come again to see more good work .  Enter

Thursday 9th June 2016

Wow !!!! What a lovely party we all had this afternoon !!!! We were celebrating H M The Queen's 90th Birthday !!! 

The sun shone on this gorgeously warm day and we enjoyed tea and cakes on the playing fields with our parents and teaching staff.Fun and games were on the agenda and we had a really great time !!!Thank you for inviting  the governors !!!

Tuesday 27th September

CR and KL were present at Harvest Festival in school .It was a pleasure to see so many parents and friends off he school there .All classes were involved and the children sang and recited poems wonderfully well . Tea and coffee was enjoyed in the dining room afterwards and the gift boxes were much appreciated by the recipients 

Thursday 29th September

CR & KL attended the McMillan Coffee Morning in school . The attendance was disappointing , but a fantastic variety of mouth watering cakes was on offer.


Monday 6th March 2017

CR and PH came in to school to interview groups of pupils in KS2 .There were between 4 and 6 at a time from each year group .The focus of the meetings was to find out how the pupils felt about their school and if they felt safe .

It was such an enjoyable experience for both Governors and the second time they had done it  The pupils  were extremely articulate and gave well considered and thoughtful answers to questions .

To summarize , all the children feel safe in school and the playground . They know who to go to if they have a problem that they can not sort out themselves.The governors were very impressed by the youngsters ,who were very thoughtful , listened to each other and supported and questioned opinions of others . Both governors are looking forward to talking to KS1 pupils very soon Enter text...

 Monday 13th March

CR and PH came in to school today to interview groups of Reception ,Year 1 and Year 2 pupils.As last week they really enjoyed talking with KS1's delightful children . 

Like the older children ,they felt safe in the playground and in class and knew who to go to if they have a worry. They were very thoughtful and gave carefully considered answers to questions ...Thank you to all children involved over the past two weeks.

Monday 27th March 2017

What a wonderful way to start a week. CR and KL went to St. Mary`s Church to join children, staff, Rev. Mary, mums, grandparents,aunties and  a few dads in a service to celebrate Mothering Sunday. What a celebration it turned out to be. The children sang beautifully. They had written poems and prose to tell us all how they felt about their mums and how much they loved them. The children were a credit  to their teachers ,the school and last but not least to their parents.A most enjoyable morning.

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

CR, KL,LM,SM and PH attended your Harvest Festival Service in school today . What a massive turn out of parents , grandparents, babies and friends there was !!!! Standing room only ,.... the hall was packed !!!

We thought the children were brilliant and loved their songs and poems .Every year group contributed and did their best .It was very impressive to see all the generous gifts of food that had been donated . We believe it will be divided between Telford food Bank and old people in our own community, nominated by the children ,.

It was lovely to see Reverend Mary , always so interesting to listen to .On the general theme of the service .....THANK YOU !!!!!

Friday 17th November

PH popped in to school today and was so surprised to see everyone in their pyjamas and slippers !!!! Children in Need Day .... how comfortable everyone  looked ... It felt very strange to be the only one dressed in day wear !!! 

While I was there I looked at all the lovely displays of  work on the corridor walls of Key Stage 2.It was really interesting to see what the children  have been working on andI would like to congratulate teachers and teaching assistants on the care taken to display the work at its best ..