Zoom Club - Before and After School Club

Registration Forms and Booking Forms

 Terms and Conditions - September 2019

 Zoom Club started in April 2016 and provides a safe and secure homely atmosphere exclusively for children attending Albrighton Primary School and Bright Stars Nursery.  Zoom Club operates daily, during term time, from 7.30am to 8.45am for breakfast club and after school club runs from 3:20pm until 5:45pm.



Staff are fully trained with experience of working in the school.  The club has the full administrative back up of the school and the management support of the Headteacher.

 The Zoom Club staff are: Louise Rock (Leader), Pauline Chidlow, Joanne Chisnall, Louise O’Halloran, Lorraine Podmore and Julie Bailey. 



The children are expected to behave to the same high standard as in school hours.  Unacceptable behaviour will be discussed with the child’s parents and a plan put in place to address the situation.  Persistent poor behaviour may result in loss of placement.


Session Security

Access for parents/carers is via the locked main entrance in the EYFS building.  Please ring the bell and a member of staff will come to let you in.

A register is kept daily at both breakfast club and after school club.

Breakfast Club: Children may arrive from 7.30am.  At the end of the session, 8:45am, children will be escorted to their classroom by a member of Zoom staff.

After School Club: Children arrive from 3.20pm and remain until collected at the end of the session by 5.45pm or earlier.  Please ensure that staff are aware if you are to be delayed or if new adults are collecting children. 


 Booking Sessions

Booking forms are issued on a monthly basis.

Places will be allocated on a fair basis depending on the date of application and places available.  To book sessions please complete a booking form (available from Zoom Club) before the start of the month.  Additional sessions may be booked at short notice, but parents need to check availability with Zoom Club or the school office beforehand.


Session Charges

Fees are reviewed on a regular basis and should there be any changes, we will provide at least one month’s notice of any changes.  The charges from 1st September 2018 are as follows.

Zoom Breakfast Club: The fees have been set at £5.00 per session per child.

Zoom After School Club: The fees have been set at £5.00 per session per child until 4:30pm.  If parents are late picking up their child(ren) a full session fee of £9.00 is payable.

The charges for children staying after 4:30pm are set at £9.00 per session per child.  Any siblings joining the club will be charged at £7.50 per session for the second child and £5.00 per session for a third child. 

Payment must be made in advance of any booked sessions.  Preferred payment method is electronically through School Money or by childcare vouchers.  We do accept cash and cheques.  Invoices will be issued for all bookings and receipts will be given for cash/cheque payments.  Any payments must be given to a member of the Zoom Club.

If payment is not received promptly then we do reserve the right to offer the place of your child in Zoom Club to another child on the waiting list.  No refunds will be given if your child is absent from school.


Late Collection Charge

A late collection charge of £5.00 plus £2 per 15 minutes or part thereof will be charged for any child collected after the end of the session time.



If you do have any queries or need to contact a member of the Zoom Club staff please contact the main school office on 01902 372558.  Alternatively, email zoom@albrighton-pri.shropshire.sch.uk