Supporting Geography at Home

At Albrighton Primary School and Nursery, we want children to be excited and curious about the world around them and how they can help to make the world a better place. Below are some ways that you could help support your child’s geographical learning at home.

Geographical Questions

  • Talk to your child about local features whilst travelling around day to day places. What makes it a good place to live? Visit? What would help to make it even better?
  • Observe different things on your journey to school each day – You might look for different animals on Monday and then different vehicles on Tuesday for example.
  • If you use a map, allow your child to follow the route. Talk to them about what you pass and how it looks on the map. This could be an OS map, Road Map or even google maps on a phone. As a fun activity, you could work together with your child to make a map of a route they know well, and then try and follow it together. (Young children could even use toys/items to make their own 3D map of their local area).
  • Use holidays as a base for area comparison. Compare your holiday location with your home area – what is similar and what is different? (i.e. coastal, urban, rural etc? What are the staple foods? Why?)
  • Whilst your child is looking at any sort of media (internet, films etc), ask them questions. What do they know about the area from watching the film? What might the weather be like? What happens there? Many children’s films and programmes are set in a variety of different places and are a brilliant starting point for geographical discussion.


Useful Websites


For weather forecasts -

KS1 Geography information and games:

KS2 Geography information and games:

Child friendly current news for KS2:

 A KS2 website to support map work:

Online mapping site which includes eye level 'Streetview':

Maps resized to show population sizes, income, etc..