Years 1 and 2

Autumn 2020 has seen Y1 and Y2 children learning lots of science.  They started by looking at different creatures that live in the sea and studying their habitat.   They have carried out investigations to predict then find out what happens to different materials when they are left in salt water.  The children particularly enjoyed seeing the bread, apple and paper biodegrade!

Year 3

We have been researching the amazing Stonehenge. We learned that one of the theories around why it was built was that the shadows helped show a calendar. We learned about how shadows are formed and how they changed dependent on the position of the light and the object.


Year 4 


Year 4 carried an an investigation to find out the effect of pollutants on pond weed.  They tested detergent, salt, vinegar and oil.  There was a control set up, with no pollutant, to compare the other tests against. They observed that the oil floated on top of the water, blocking oxygen from getting to the pond weed.  The vinegar killed the pondweed as it is an acid.

Fizz Pop Science


In the Autumn Term we had a Fizzpop science club where the children had a  lot of fun exploring different aspects of Science.


Year 6

This week Years 5 and 6 have been investigating buoyancy as part of their work on forces. Eddie demonstrates how to conduct a careful observation and prediction, when testing objects for buoyancy, below the slide show.

Martin's gear model.