Year 5 Home Learning

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Our new topic is...

Daily Morning Introduction

Please note that later in the week you will be making your own Anderson Shelters. You may want to start saving recycling in order to do this. 

Microsoft Teams Tutorials

Please click the hyperlinks to view the tutorials. 

Tutorial 1: Completing an assignment on Teams (including logging on)

Tutorial 2: Joining a Teams video meeting 

Tutorial 3: Class notebook. Please note that depending on what device you use to access Teams, this may look very different. iPads/phones require an app download in order to use this feature. This feature is not essential to complete work set, but you may wish to make notes here so that I can see and mark your work. Let me know if you have used it - I do not get notified. 

Tutorial 4: Responding to marking 

Tutorial 5: Deleting extra copies of an assignment 

English: Spellings 

 Handwriting Practice - Continuous Cursive.pdfDownload
 Word Search.pdfDownload
 Y5 W2 LCWC.docxDownload
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 Year 5 Term 2B Overview.pdfDownload
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English: Reading 

If you would like to watch my reading introduction to remind yourself about the meaning of the dogs, please click HERE. There are one of these short comprehensions to complete a day, with the answers on the following page. Be honest! You can choose which you complete. To reach the half an hour suggested time, you may have time for your own reading but remember that you should also be answering the VIPERS underneath our class reader. 

 Help, I'm Stuck!.pdfDownload
 Penguin Life Cycle.pdfDownload
 The Life Cycle of a Flower.pdfDownload
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English: Lesson 

L.O. To identify the key features of an information leaflet. 

 Gas Mask Information Leaflet.pdfDownload
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This may be useful! Remember keep practicing on TT Rockstars!

 Multiplication Square.pdfDownload
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 Monday - To multiply unit fractions by an integer (click HERE for video)

Tuesday - To multiply non-unit fractions by an integer (click HERE for video)

Wednesday - To multiply mixed number fractions by integers (click HERE for video)

Thursday - To find a fraction of an amount (click HERE for video)

Friday - Arithmetic test. 

Blank worksheets

 MON Multiply-unit-fractions-by-an-integer.pdfDownload
 THURS Fractions-of-an-amount-2019.pdfDownload
 TUES Multiply-non-unit-fractions-by-an-integer.pdfDownload
 WEDS Multiply-mixed-numbers-by-integers.pdfDownload
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 MON ANS-Multiply-unit-fractions-by-an-integer-2019.pdfDownload
 THURS ANS-Fractions-of-an-amount-2019.pdfDownload
 TUES ANS-Multiply-non-unit-fractions-by-an-integer-2019.pdfDownload
 WEDS ANS-Multiply-mixed-numbers-by-integers-2019.pdfDownload
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L.O. To use the internet to research Anderson Shelters. 

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Word of the Day!

Story time!

Our text for this half term is 'The Silver Sword' by Ian Serraillier.  Written in 1956, it is a moving account of a family torn apart by war. I will post recordings reading the story everyday. Please keep up to date as we will continue this text when we return to school. 

VIPERS Questions:

V - Vocabulary, I - Inference, P - Predict, E - Explain, R - Retrieve, S - Summarise/Sequence 

R: What did Joseph do to try and prevent the boy stealing from him again? 

R: Why is the boy sent to the Nazi barracks? 

I: How do you think Joseph feels towards the boy?

R: What is the boy's name? 


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