Year 5 and 6 Home Learning

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Red Arrows:


EXPLORERS Tuesday - please write up a neat copy of your Lizard report on the writing frame below.

RED ARROWS - Wednesday

 Literacy - Sentence punctuation



Watch the video on Adding and subtracting fractions

 then have a go at the worksheet.  The answers are in the following document.


Year 6 Maths - Week 10 Arithmetic. Scroll down for the answers to mark your paper, AFTER you have spent 30 minutes working independently.


Watch this video on equivalent fractions:

Then complete the following worksheet. 


Work through the PPT before completing the activity sheet. 

Topic Work

Mayans – the Builders

The largest evidence for the Maya Civilization comes from the ruins of their abandoned cities.  This week we will be looking at Maya cities and their use of shadows to create illusion in their buildings.


LO: To use lines of longitude and latitude or grid references to find the position of different geographical features.

Find some of the main cities of the ancient Maya civilisation, such as Uxmal, Chichén Itzá, Tulum, Tikal, Guatemala, and Copán, Honduras, on a map of South America. (The 'Local archaeologists at work' map, below, should help you to locate them). Note their locations using longitude and latitude, and positions in relation to the hemispheres, the equator and countries of North America. Use Google Maps to zoom in on their locations and describe any local geographical features. Can you find out about their regional climates?

Note: Each of the great Maya cities is next to a cenote, or natural well. The cave water was essential because, although the Maya lived in a tropical forest, fresh surface water was rare. The cenote provided drinking water, as well as irrigation water for crops when rain was scarce.

Invisible lines of latitude run horizontally around the Earth and show the northerly or southerly position of a geographical area. Invisible lines of longitude run vertically from the North to the South Pole and show the westerly or easterly position of a geographical area.



IT – Continue with Code for Life

Please email your class address if you do not have your log in details.


RE - Sikh Creation

Work through the PPT before choosing whether to complete the one, two or three star questions.


Science – LO: To use the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain and manage the shape of shadows

Research the El Castillo temple in Mexico. It is a pyramid shaped temple, which at certain times of the year, casts a series of triangular shadows, which creates an illusion the Maya described as a feathered serpent, crawling down the pyramid.

You are going to have a go at creating your own shadow illusion.

First, look at the Power point on Light and Shadow facts to remind yourself about how shadows are formed.

You may also like to investigate the way light travels further, by carrying out your own investigations suggested in the power point How Light Travels.

Next, look at modern examples of shadow art, by Kumi Yamashita, in the attached power point.

Now try your own shadow picture.



French – Jobs

LO: to learn and practise vocabulary and phrases about school activities

Today’s lesson should take about 20mins to complete all learning activities, but you can do as many games as you like to practise the skills. It would be great if you could let me know your favourite games on this site.

Go to:

Select People - jobs on Primary Topics

Select  and complete all activities then choose a game of your choice to practise the vocabulary you have learnt.

You may also like to revisit our previous topics on: Numbers, Colours, Family, and clothes, over the next few weeks, so you don’t forget anything!

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