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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Wednesday,

There will be Zoom meeting as usual today with the usual sign-on details. Please email me on the Explorers address if you have any questions about the meeting. The topic this morning is staying positive.

MUSIC - I mentioned on Monday that Mrs Wilkinson has put some links on the music page for you to learn recorder at home and do digital choir challenges. Follow this link to find out more: LINK

Make sure you are watching the videos that go with the work, please. I noticed that only 5 people have watched the spelling video. You need to watch the videos as well as doing the sheets.
Some of you have started to type homework directly into Teams and that is really handy. I hope you are finding it easy. Look back at your work and you will find that I am giving feedback to typed work.

I am recording a new chapter of the class book each day - remember to listen each day so that you are keeping up with me - I will be setting questions on it so you will need to know where we are in the story. 


I will be updating this site every evening so you do need to log and download what you will need. The links are there while the children need them and then removed ready for the next day's work. The page is ready by 9 a.m. each morning.



Below is some of the work that I received in week 3. Thank you to all of you for your hard work. It is so nice to have the daily catch-up on Zoom and to see the work that you are doing. 

The timetable is below - timings are an approximate guide for you.


Wednesday- the comprehension for today is below and the audio is also below.


For convenience there is a list of the files that we will need on Thursday and Friday but you don't need those yet.


 Jacqueline Wilson at Christmas 27.1.21.pptxDownload
 The History of Chocolate 29.1.21.pptxDownload
 The Orang-utan Nursery 28.1.21.pptxDownload
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I've put on the usual spelling activities and an extra spelling video about the spelling rule covered this week.

 Handwriting Practice - Cursive.pdfDownload
 look cover write check spring 1 week 4.pptxDownload
 Year 6 Term 2A Week 4 - Presentation.pptDownload
 Year 6 Term 2A Week 4 - Word Search.pdfDownload
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On Monday, we did a story map of the little boat's journey (link here).

Watch the video below to help you with today's writing.




The Place Value chart below may be useful with the work that we are doing at the moment. 



This link takes you to the White Rose video: LINK 

You can choose to use my video instead which is below.

Then do the worksheet listed.




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If you fancy a challenge, or find yourself getting through the maths too quickly, please have a go atht the maths challenges which I will be putting on the page.

 challenge - fractions in a box.docxDownload
 challenge - marbles.docxDownload
 challenge - pumpkin pie.docxDownload
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Last week you learnt about the Declaration of Human Rights.

This week you will have a chance to see which rights you think are most important.

Watch the video, then do the activity on the PowerPoint document.



Join in the 'Just Dance' video as a warm up then follow the Healthy Hearts video and instruction sheet to work on your fitness levels


I am reading from "The boy who swam with piranhas by David Almond. Log in to Teams to find questions on the text.