Year 4 Home Learning- Voyagers

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Monday 1st March 

Zoom information for next week is as follows: (Please note some slight changes)

Monday: Guided Reading Sessions (please see the original email for your group's time) 

Tuesday: 1:30pm- Class Catch Up

Thursday: 9:05am- Live Spellings 

Meeting ID: 745 461 8331 Password is our usual one

I am in school Wednesday and Friday this week

SODA : Complete one page each morning. These will stay up until Fri 5th March. 

Spellings (these will be tested on Thursday 4th March 9:05am)

 4 Term 2B Week 2 Handwriting Practice Continuous Cursive.pdfDownload
 4 Term 2B Week 2 Word Search.pdfDownload
 4 Term 2B Week 2 Words Ending In a soft c Sound Spelt ce.pptDownload
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Learning Objective: Solve problems involving converting from hours to minutes; minutes to seconds; years to months; weeks to days

Everyone should complete PAGE 1. If you need a further challenge, this can be found on pages 2 and 3. 

 Answers - Hours, Minutes and Seconds.pdfDownload
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English: This week is a free write. You will be writing a diary about going on an amazing journey to lockdown island. On Friday, you will be completing a project all about your island. 

Below is an example of the mind map you need to create when you watch each video. 

Here are all of the video links in case you have difficulty accessing them on the PowerPoint




Arctic Tundra:





Art (With Miss Mann)


Learning Objective: To say your name, age and birthday in French

Saying your name, age and birthday and describing yourself (  

Story Time

James and the Giant Peach Chapters 7 and 8 

I've finished my work, what can I do now? 

Click on the picture links below for some fun educational activities to consolidate your learning. 

Activities inspired by nature Maths activities Art activities BBC Bitesize
Music Activities Writing Activities TT Rock Stars All about Our World


French Activities Mr Mountford's PE Challenge Computing & Coding Free Reading Library