EYFS Home Learning

Please be aware that Mrs Matthews and Miss Stokes will be working in school on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. We will do our best but you may not get an email reply until the following working day.

Today's Introduction

Friday Celebration time...

Remote Learning Internet Safety

Please share the power point below to support your child with online safety. This story about Smartie Penguin is one that we share at school. Your children will quickly learn the rhyme for how to keep safe when using the internet!

Expectations of Home Learning: 

Each day this page will be updated from 4pm with work for the following day.

If you have any queries regarding the work, please email the class teacher using the email below. Please confirm daily that your child is accessing the home learning; this can be a simple smiley face or a comment on what they have done.

Please send us photographs of what you have been up to at home each week. Work that your child is particularly proud of will be displayed on our 'Wonderful Work' page for their friends to see.

Reception S (Miss Stokes) receptions@albrighton-pri.shropshire.sch.uk

Reception M (Mrs Matthews) receptionm@albrighton-pri.shropshire.sch.uk


Please don't worry if you don't have a printer. Any resources can be home made using pens and paper and work can be recorded using spare paper. 

Our Next Zoom Meetings:

We really enjoyed seeing you all on our zoom. Please see below the zoom details for each class.

Rangers S (Miss Stokes) Wednesday 27th January at 2pm.

Topic: Please bring something that you have done over the past week that you are really proud of and would like to share with your friends. We will also have some time in the meeting to say good luck to our friend Thea, who will be moving to her new school soon.

We thought it would be nice to send Thea a selection of messages and pictures from all of her friends in Rangers. If you would like draw a picture/write a message, please send them on to me and I can forward them onto Thea. 

Time: Jan 27, 2021 02:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 270 738 4403
Passcode: Rangers21



 Rangers M (Mrs Matthews) Wednesday 27th January at 1.30pm

Topic: Please bring something that you have done over the past week that you are really proud of and would like to share with your friends. 

Time: Jan 27, 2021 01:30 PM 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 958 3667 5956
Passcode: Rangers21


Here is what we would like you to do over the next week! Every day, we will give you more detail on how to be successful.

You will have a literacy task, a phonics task, a maths task and a topic related task each day. We have suggested to take approximately 30 minutes per activity. However, some activities may taken longer if your child is very engaged; some may be completed more quickly. Please remember it is equally important to talk to children about what they are doing and ask questions.  Learning in Early Years is very practical, play based and repetitive and developing children's social skills is an integral part of the Early Years ethos. Children need to play, be active indoors and outdoors and take turns with others. 



Ongoing Activities

Please remember to read your phonics books and practise your tricky words at least 3 times a week. 

Practise writing your name using your cursive name card and finger writing book. Continue to practise the graphemes (letters) on the handwriting sheets in your handwriting wallets. 


Letters to practise (cursive):

a c o g d q s e f b t h l t u i j k v w x m n r p y z


Online Storybooks:  https://www.vooks.com/


Tricky Words

Here is an overview of all the tricky word sets.  Please work at each set at your own pace and practise reading them in different texts as well. Once your child can read them fluently, practise their spelling.

By the end of reception, we would expect children to be able to confidently read tricky words in set 1 to 4 and be beginning to spell them correctly.

Today's Focus:




Watch the video and complete the task below.

(The lessons may not follow the order online, but we have chosen activities relevant for our children.) 

Phoneme Mats


Ongoing Activities

Practise the sounds we have already learnt: 

s a t p i n m d g o c k e u r ck h b f l ff ss ll j v w x y z zz qu

Use these phonemes to make simple words for the children to read. Practise blending these words.

(e.g. cat, peg, man, duck etc)

Segment the sounds in the words you have made

(e.g. cat c-a-t, duck d-u-ck)


Practise your set words (in the brown envelopes).

Try reading them in sentences.



You can access these websites for further activities. 

Alphablocks:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/shows/alphablocks

Phonics Play: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/

Phonics Bloom: https://www.phonicsbloom.com/


Today's Focus:

Our new phonemes are:

ai  ee oa  oo (moon)

Access a phonics session video on the link below that teaches one of the sounds above.  (Click on the 'Spring' tab to access the lessons for the sounds above)


Keep practising your tricky words in your reading bags


Ongoing Activities

Practise securing number recognition to 10 and then 20 and then ordering these numbers. 

Counting varying amounts with correspondence (i.e. one number for each item). 

Adding and taking away within 10 (practically)

Finding shapes and numbers in the environment.


Key Focus Language:

more, less, the same as, add, take away, subtract, total, altogether, equals. longer, shorter, taller, wider, thinner, bigger, smaller, holds more, holds less, full, empty, fewer, estimate, count on, count back, order and pattern.

Today's focus:

Counting how many altogether in 3 or more groups. 


Watch the video and complete the task below.

Please Note:

  • Our set activity below may differ from that in the video. Please do not feel you have to make/print the resources mentioned in the video. However, if you would like to use them; the resources can be downloaded from here.
  • The lessons may not follow the order online, but we have chosen activities relevant for our children. 


Today's Focus Area: Physical Development

We are getting better at: moving in different ways.


Join in with Mr Mounford's PE challenge (video can be found below).

Which was your favourite part?

Did you find any part really easy?

Were any of the challenges a little tricky?



End of Day Reflection:

You might want to spend a couple of minutes of reflection at the end of each day. Below are some questions that you could ask your child to help their reflection. 

  • What has been your favourite thing to do today?
  • Did you find anything tricky?
  • What would you like to get better at tomorrow?