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The Reception Curriculum

During your child's time in Reception Rangers they will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is play based and centred around the child.  There are three prime areas of learning, these are listed below with what the children will be covering in each:

Personal Social and Emotional Development

  • to learn to take turns and share with others
  • to develop confidence in themselves
  • to be able to form good relationships with other children and adults


Communication and Language

  • to learn to express themselves effectively
  • to be able to speak clearly and share ideas
  • to be able to listen and respond to stories
  • to be able to listen and respond to others
  • to understand and answer questions


Physical Development

  • to know how to look after themselves
  • to appreciate what keeps them healthy fit and happy
  • to understand the importance of exercise and diet
  • to be able to safely use equipment, tools and apparatus with control and coordination

There are also specific areas of learning, these are listed below with what the children will be covering in each:


  • to be able to read and write simple sentences
  • to be able to use phonic knowledge to read and write
  • to develop and widen their vocabulary
  • to share and enjoy stories, non-fiction texts and poems
  • to write independently in a range of contexts using different features of writing



  • to count to 20 and beyond
  • to solve number problems
  • to know shape names and explore their properties
  • to recognise pattern in all areas of maths
  • to talk about and solve problems using shape, size, weight, capacity, position, time and money


Understanding of the World

  • to talk about and explore places, objects and materials
  • to talk about past and present in their lives
  • to know about living things
  • to be able to use and recognise modern technology


Expressive Arts and Design

  • to sing songs, make music and dance
  • to be able to use different media and materials in their art work
  • to be able to express themselves through imaginative role play

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