Autumn 2018

This term has the been action packed when it comes to P.E and sporting competitions. 

This terms curriculum consisted of Tag Rugby and Tennis for our KS2 classes and Fundamental Movements for our KS1. Every single pupil has worked very hard in these lessons learning new sports, rules, techniques and movements.


We have been very active in the competitions this term also entertaining 8 different sporting competitions with over 50 of our pupils competing and representing the school. 


Competitions that hat we have entered this term are; 

  • KS2 Cross Country
  • KS2 Netball
  • KS1 Cross Country
  • KS2 Football League
  • Year 3 & 4 Football and Footgolf
  • Year 5 & 6 Football and Footgolf
  • KS2 Gymnastics
  • KS2 Hockey

These events took part in not only the Shifnal area