What is Through the Tunnel?

In our English lessons this half term, we will be reading and responding to the story, 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne.  This simple story has a darker side which we will explore before writing our own adventure stories.



We will be focusing on developing our sentence structure using conjunctions to extend our sentences and fronted adverbials to create interesting sentence starters.  We will also be using direct speech in our stories.



We Dragons always aim to dazzle with our fabulous sentences!  We are all climbing the sentence ladder at our own pace but one of our whole class focuses at the moment is on SENTENCES WITH CONJUNCTIONS. 



The Dazzling Dragons love to read!  Some Dragons are continuing to use Lexia (a computer based accelerated reading programme) to improve their decoding and comprehension skills.  In the mornings, we enjoy sharing our guided reading texts with our teachers, TAs and friends. 



We are always working hard to improve our spelling using a range of different strategies.  We have a dedicated spelling session on a Tuesday with Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Maundrell but we have lots of other ways of practising and learning.

  • We take home a list each week to learn at home.
  • We practise our spellings during registration time using LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK.
  • We proof read our own work and sometimes our partner's work, looking for spellings that we are not sure about.
  • We use dictionaries and word lists to support our spelling.



We Dazzling Dragons pride ourselves on our beautiful handwriting but we are always working hard to improve it.  We use cursive handwriting which also helps to fix our spellings in our heads.  We practise our handwriting during lessons to really fine tune our skills.