It is well known that all dragons have extraordinary maths skills and the Dazzling Dragons are no exception!  We work hard to ensure that our basic number work is strong so that we can use it to solve all sorts of mathematical problems.



This half term's focus is on place value and calculation.  We know how important it is that these core skills are strong as we can use them to help us with all sorts of maths problems.  We will also be polishing our shape knowledge and understanding throughout the half term.  In mental maths, we'll be working on speed recall, using our number bonds and place value knowledge to help us work more quickly.



We all know how important times tables are; it is amazing how many different aspects of maths include tables facts!  The Dazzling Dragons use their magical powers to fly through the stages of the 99 club (a series of timed multiplication and division fact tests).  Every dragon is working at their own level, competing against themselves to improve their score each week.  In lessons, we chant tables, play games and test each other to practise our skills. 



Dragons - Don't forget that you can use SUMDOG at home to practise your maths skills.  Be sure to challenge yourselves - don't just practise the bits that you enjoy or find easy!  If you have forgotten your log in details, make sure that you ask Mrs Wilkinson or Mrs Rolli to print them off for you again.