Welcome to Incredibles. The adults in our class are

Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Short,

Mrs Maundrell and Mrs Parkes. 

 Our Class Hero this week is Bethany 

Well done Bethany!  

World Religion Day 

For World Religion Day, our focus was Judaism. We found out key information, tasted some traditional celebration food and made a Star of David. 

Stepping Out Training

We took part in 'Stepping Out' pedestrian training. We walked around Albrighton and took care when crossing the road. 

We are using the film Paddington 2 in Literacy. On Friday morning, Mrs Short had written a piece of writing with lots of mistakes. It was our job to correct it. We had to find the correct conjunction, correct was/were, add full stops in the right places and check capital letters for place names. 

We worked together in pairs.